12. Telepathic Communication

People who have had interactions with beings of extraterrestrial races report that communication is often telepathic. Images form or words present themselves in the mind. Some humans already communicate that way at a very rudimentary, uncontrolled level, and that capability is expected to improve as the vibrational state of the human collective consciousness continues to rise. A Zeta said, “It has been seen that this one race will develop into a higher level of consciousness, it will define the new behaviour of the race and then, that will provide an entry point for other races to have physical contact to a larger degree with you as a race.” The higher level of consciousness is a prerequisite for normal communications with extraterrestrial races.

The Zeta predicted that humans will develop a technology to assist the telepathic process. He said, “There are many technologies that you are developing that are based around the natural abilities that you already own, and I will take telepathy as one of those processes. You are able to develop telepathic communications, but you are developing technology to aid the human race to have the ability.” However, there are dangers in following that path. He asked, “Who is able to monitor your process if you are able to read each other's minds through technology? Any race, anyone who is in control.” When a technology is required for telepathic communication, control of the communication is in someone else’s hands.

The Zeta strongly advised that humans use the assistive technology as a temporary measure. It would be much better to develop telepathy to the point where technological assistance is not needed. But he said, “You choose whether you accept what is to be offered to you.

The Zetas have determined, using simulations of the human timeline in their synthetic quantum environments, that humans will achieve that kind of progress before too long. A Zeta explains, “It is possible to take a copy of frequency [e.g., a timeline] and to map it into an environment which has been termed the synthetic quantum environment. … Within this environment, there can be determined probabilities through observation. The observation has been that within 28 of your years, your technology will assimilate you, will support you, will guide you.” Given the date of the conversation, they estimate that human technology will advance to this level before 2042.

Other comments about the development of telepathic communications were made on several different occasions as follows.

Zeta: We believe that in the next thirty years your technological age will come to its final conclusion. We believe that the biomechanical, genetic and nanotechnology that is being developed will be used to support you as a race. We believe that, as you now have telephonic devices to speak to each other and communicate, that you are being prepared to move into an age of telepathy aided by your technology, as each of you now expect to have instant contact with each other via your devices. Once your devices are improved, I would say, they will then aid your consciousness in contact with each other.

Zeta: Your collective mind, in its undulating state, is being prepared for the transition to a telepathic process. You will become more in tune with your innate abilities based on consciousness, and in doing so, you will be able to communicate yourselves much easier. Firstly, you will be offered this on a technological basis. Much of your technology now is aimed at or based on communication with each other as this technology is offered to you. Ultimately you can move into connection with each other, the amplified state of thought that you will exist in will allow you to bypass the technological states. And so will begin the normalization of the collective consciousness of the human mind.

Zeta: But of course, your phones cannot access other races. Your phones do not have the ability to provide telepathic communication and entry points to other beings’ consciousness. So for your communication processes to adequately perform this function, they will need to move from the current system to a biological entity. Why, and that is because the biological entity will support access to your telepathic abilities whereby you can then amplify your thought processes, and the environment will then connect to who you wish to connect and speak to.

Interestingly, they say that the technology to assist human telepathic communication will need to be based on a biological entity. The Zetas themselves use a biological organism as the basis for their spacecraft with which they communicate telepathically.

An advantage to telepathic communication is that any attempt to communicate an untruth is not likely to go unnoticed. A Zeta was asked, “Would a telepathic being always know when someone is attempting to communicate an untruth? Why would it know?” He answered, “Telepathic communication inherently has within it the potential to hold a certain frequency. If you are able to perform the function of a thought, a transfer, to try to infer an untruth in that range of thought processes would also betray the communication, as if inbuilt into the telepathic process is a means whereby a entity is much more exposed to being read or being exposed. Their thoughts are exposed, the quality of their thoughts are exposed, the makeup of the thoughts are exposed, they are not words, they are potentials. The potentials hold within the fabric, the makeup of the fabric.

The chapter, “Interactions with low-vibration entities” in Hamden and Treurniet (2015), includes a more extensive discussion on the possibility of deception in telepathic communication. The inability to deceive will undoubtedly produce changes in current human relationships where even white lies are often considered necessary. But such changes should occur easily in the higher states of love necessary for telepathic communication to be possible.