11. Zeta technology


11.1 Craft

    11.1.1 Navigation

    11.1.2 Propulsion methods “Matter of state” propulsion The duocylinder bridge

11.2 Synthetic quantum environment

    11.2.1 How to create an SQE

11.3 Portals

    11.3.1 A portal for changing timelines

11.4 Thought focusing environment

The Zetas have applied their scientific knowledge to the creation of technologies. They discussed the design of their craft and its method of propulsion. They described a synthetic quantum environment (SQE) technology for simulating physical environments as energetic constructs. They tried to explain, as best they could, what portals are and how they manipulate them. Finally, they described the implementation of a technology that they use to monitor and manage the collective consciousness of humanity. For lack of a better term, we will call it “thought focussing technology”. The craft and the SQE have already been mentioned in Treurniet and Hamden (2015), and the essential details are included again in this chapter.

11.1 Craft

The Zeta beings exist in separation from their physical bodies, but they do still travel around in physical craft. A Zeta said, “We have craft as do others that are… hesitate to say the shape because you then indicate… There are flatter craft that are triangular but they are not the craft you think they are. You see the ones with the lights underneath, they are the human craft. They are not our craft.” The craft he was hesitant to mention for some reason were likely the well-known saucer-shaped craft. They also use the triangular-shaped craft that are often seen, but some of these craft belong to humans. The latter may be distinguished from Zeta craft by lights on the underside of the craft.

In a series of questions and answers, they revealed that “the craft are non-metallic structures, they are biological entities, sentient with consciousness… they have freewill”. The craft use “a matter of state propulsion system”, and they can create the required life support system, including oxygen. The gravity provided by the craft is less strong than earth gravity. Inside the craft, the electromagnetic environment is such that our cameras “would not function correctly. The electrical frequencies of the device would be diminished. Its capacity to render correct imagery would be deficient.

A Zeta was also asked if their craft could be made to look like clouds. He replied, “Of course, the craft emits a frequency, the frequency excites the water molecules in the atmosphere. Around the craft is created a mist. It envelops the craft and looks like the cloud process.

Further, a craft can camouflage itself like a chameleon by changing the way it thinks about itself. By so doing, it “changes the patterns of light that are emitted from the craft, to be seen or not seen by the human eye.” The craft also have biological shielding to prevent penetration by certain energies.

The craft have a security system keyed to the operator’s DNA. Some are general purpose craft that may be used by any Zeta being, while others are intended to be used only by certain individuals who “move in different dimensional aspects of the non-physicality of this physical universe.” Since the craft are biological entities, communication with them can be by very specific telepathic messaging.

The physical movement of a craft may involve dematerialization so that it exists only in the etheric realm. A Zeta explained, “In the interdimensional areas where the physical rules of this universe do not relate, we are able to assimilate to that state by changing cellular form, as a chameleon would change colours; this is how we "physically" move from one place to another." When a craft dematerializes, the occupants “are part of the process, but shielded by the actual craft as well.” The dematerialized craft was said to be the mirror image of the physical craft.

11.1.1 Navigation

The Zeta beings do not compute the way humans do, they do not use numbers, and time is not a dimension with a fixed scale on which events are located. This prompted questions on how a craft would navigate in space to perform a certain task. Note that this particular dialog was also discussed in the section on “Time”.

Interviewer: Suppose your craft is moving in space somewhere, and another craft is also moving at some other location in space. Would your craft ever want to intercept the other craft in order to meet physically?

Zeta: If the potential existed that there was a requirement for a physical interaction, but generally this is not required because the connection can be achieved through consciousness.

Interviewer: What actions would your craft take to meet the other craft?

Zeta: The individuals on the craft would communicate effectively with each other to determine if the craft would come together.

Interviewer: If the craft makes calculations to do this, what would they be?

Zeta: No, that is a human concept. If we say that magnets or magnetism is consciousness, magnets are drawn to each other. Whether or not they are, or have the desire to be drawn to each other is irrelevant. Their nature is to come together if two magnets are in proximity to each other. Think of consciousness of a race being of the same type of process. The common consciousness is what is the guiding process, the catalyst, for bringing the craft together if required, to turn one’s thought to the other.

Rather than measurements in space and time, the Zetas use an intuitive feeling in consciousness to navigate. We might think of it as an intuitive pressure sensation increasing as the time of a meeting approaches and as the spatial location nears. This interpretation is supported by a snippet of a different conversation about keeping an appointment for a meeting.

Interviewer: A reason why you don’t need time is because of the telepathy within your race?

Zeta: You could say that the amplitude of the telepathy removes the need for time. … The information is given that you must be somewhere. It is given as a point of reference. It is weak. As the telepathic signal builds its amplitude, when it reaches a certain level, then you know that you must be at that place. This is how the spirit people operate as well as they do not use time. The potential builds around the situation or medium, and the spirit people are summoned by the amplitude of the experience.

The Zeta includes spirit people as well in this discussion, suggesting that intuitive knowledge of relationships guides scheduling for all entities that live in non-physical realms.

11.1.2 Propulsion methods

The propulsion system of Zeta craft are as novel to us as the craft themselves. The craft is sentient and is able to use the energy of consciousness to displace itself in space. Two propulsion methods were described - one for craft movement in the vicinity of planets, the other for movement in interplanetary space where the presence of matter is less of a concern. “Matter of state” propulsion

The Zeta describes the “matter of state” propulsion process using the analogy of a three-dimensional matrix of fabrics. This method is used by craft traveling in the near-earth environment.

Zeta: Imagine if you will a single sheet of fabric. Each thread in the fabric is closely related, this is a linear version of a magnetic grid. Now place many layers of fabric together, you now have a three dimensional block of fabric. The threads are interwoven, directional. How does one move from within the vertical structure to the horizontal levels?

In this scenario, the fabric is of a physical nature, but if the fabric is of an energetic nature, then there is a strong matrix of threads between all layers. This means, in a physical universe, a craft can manoeuvre forwards, backwards, diagonally and sideways. The craft are moving on “etheric rails”. They are drawn into the craft and used as a “matter of state” propulsion process. These “rails” are of a nature that the craft can move in any direction as it is using the matrix, like a tractor beam. The craft is taken, “pulled”, in the direction it wishes to go. Imagine a container of water in a cube form; can a fish swim in any direction? This is the same process. The matrix is a living field.

Our craft is in disharmony with the physical frequency of matter which is that the gravity does no longer affect us. But of course we must be able to move on the etheric rails, and so the sentient entity which is the craft is able to negotiate the rails by consciousness.

In this visual imagery, the craft is disconnected from any gravitational field by being out-of-frequency with matter (see chapter on “Gravity”). The craft is enmeshed in a three-dimensional etheric matrix of “rails”. It is pulled along in any direction using the “matter of state” propulsion process, allowing the craft “to negotiate the rails by consciousness”.

It is interesting that the matrix was said to be a living field. This suggests that the matrix may be an extension of the craft itself. The craft is organic and has consciousness, and therefore has the ability to use intention to create the etheric matrix wherever it is needed (see “The creation process”). If the etheric matrix were fixed at a particular physical coordinate, the craft would move relative to physical space as its etheric form is pulled along the matrix rails.

We can speculate why it is described as a “matter of state” process. The etheric rails can be created at the highest possible vibrational state of the craft or lower. A craft in close proximity to another craft could move independently of the other only if its matrix were created at a vibrational state different from that of the other. This would ensure that they do not mutually interfere. So the motion of the craft is a matter of vibrational state.

The “matter of state” propulsion process pulls the craft along the matrix rails using the energy of consciousness. The Zeta said, “Separation of matter at its finite form allows for the process of wave shifting. These waveforms allow a level of interaction with the energetic field that 'is and always is’. The comment is interpreted as follows. Both the etheric form of the craft and the associated etheric matrix consist of waveform elements of the one waveform of consciousness space. The relative movements of these waveform elements pull the craft along a matrix thread, and this is called “wave shifting”. The process of wave shifting involves interaction with the field that 'is and always is'; that is, the energy of consciousness space. So the craft's intention to move invokes the creative process at a particular vibrational level of this consciousness field, and sequential intentions produce smooth movement of the craft’s etheric body in the etheric matrix.

A Zeta was asked about a toroidal optical distortion found near craft in the atmosphere in many photographs. He replied that this effect is a consequence of “the propulsion process that is providing a wake before or after the craft.” It is an “etheric representation of physical capacity of propulsion system. … The shape is a distortion in the energetic fabric of the environment. Because it is multidimensional, it is able to make craft move in all directions.” He emphasized that the toroidal distortion reflects the etheric form of only part of the craft. Some evidence provided by Maccabee (1994) suggests that the distortion is due to a tremendously strong magnetic field that may linger for some time in the space affected by a craft.

The presence of living matter in the earth environment is an issue for the Zeta traveling through the atmosphere. This was indicated in the following comments.

Zeta: You must be aware that there are in your atmospheric conditions many obstacles such as disturbances, there are storms and lightning, there are birds flying. We must try to not harm another entity. There are also many of your own craft flying in the skies, but we have technology to map what is around us. The smaller the biological entity that is in existence, the more difficult it is.

Interviewer: So, insects?

Zeta: Very difficult, yes, but still, must avoid them, cannot come in contact with any matter. We are in a state of disassociation from matter and that’s why we travel in a dematerialized state, or semi-dematerialized state. But must avoid everything, else you would take a life. If matter comes in contact with deconstructed matter, the matter is destroyed.

The Zeta are ethically bound to not harm another living being. Therefore, the craft must take extreme care to avoid contact with beings in the air, else the beings would be destroyed. The duocylinder bridge

Another method of travel is used by the craft in interplanetary or interstellar space where matter is less likely to be encountered. Again, the analogy of the etheric fabric matrix is invoked. The Zeta explained, “When the fabric is folded upon itself, it acts cylindrically. A craft is able to manoeuvre back to its original point by simply “hopping” from one state to the next.

The etheric body of the matrix is rolled up or warped into a higher-dimensional cylinder shape so that the current position is adjacent to a target position in the matrix, even though these positions are far apart in the physical universe. Then, a short displacement of the etheric body of a craft across the “seam” of the cylinder causes a displacement in physical space equal to the circumference of the cylinder. This description suggests that the target position is known before the space is warped.

The Zeta emphasized that the craft in the dematerialized state is not impeded at all by physical matter. He said, “In a dematerialized state, the craft is able to move between subatomic structures. This non-matter allows the craft to move from one reference point to another in an instant. As there is a folding process taking place, interdimensional or physical travel is a simple movement from one state to the next.

The dematerialized craft is non-matter and, when using the cylinder method, it can move instantly from one position in physical space to another. The craft moves to the destination state as easily as it would move along any thread in the matrix.

The four-dimensional cylinder construct is known to humans as a duocylinder. It is described as two three-dimensional cylinders 'bent around' in 4-dimensional space. For the Zetas, it is a higher-dimensional bridge between two distant locations in space and so we may call it a duocylinder bridge.

A possible limitation of this method of travel is that it can only be used far from where matter exists. The Zeta was asked what would become of matter objects that were in the space rolled up into the cylinder form. He replied, “Now, other objects exist yes, so can only jump. A craft creates a distortion to pull one into an infinitesimal point towards self. Of course, other etheric fabric-like sheet, if you pick up you have point in fingers but of course sheet attached. Not to occur near matter objects such as planets, in empty space. Irrelevant if other matter, fine matter is distortion. Also much more safe to travel. Because as explained to you before, must travel before time to a point, create jump space, and then travel and continue on. Never to create a point of connection near a planet, too dangerous.

The presence of other objects is accommodated somehow by “jumping”, even though it is not safe to do so near matter objects like planets. The craft travels “before time to a point”, creates a “jump space” and continues on. Doing so near a planet is dangerous, but since the Zetas say the race is ethically bound to not destroy life, the danger could be to beings on the planet rather than to the craft itself.

11.2 Synthetic quantum environment

In the 1980s, a technology called a jump room was given to a US agency by an extraterrestrial race (Webre). The humans named it a “synthetic quantum environment” or SQE, and described it as “a fold in the time-space continuum in which the Grey extraterrestrials have established an 'artificial holographic planetary domain’.

A Zeta was asked if the SQE existed and he confirmed, “There is a device that is used to create the unfolding of the special process and then once the cavity, I believe would be the word, is created, it is then populated with the correct molecular image that will then represent the environment that was to be used for exchange of energy and information”.

The SQE is a container that can be populated with any content copied from elsewhere, including the physical realm. It is a non-physical environment that the Zetas use to conduct non-destructive simulation experiments. It exists for “the purpose of experience” and “as a place of learning”. It is “an energetic existence that is separate to your own, something like a holographic existence.

The Zeta was questioned extensively about the purpose and function of the SQE. The following is the transcript of the interviews.

Interviewer: Is it true that the US government has identified 153 “synthetic quantum environments” constructed by the Zetas in the near Earth environment ranging 400 miles from Earth, on the surface of the Earth, and beneath the surface of the Earth?

Zeta: It is correct in understanding that singular entities exist as energetic existences, for the purpose of experience. These are dynamic entities and are used as a place of learning. The SQE is a term for an energetic existence that is separate to your own, something like a holographic existence. They believe they have identified the SQE by the remote viewing process, but they have only seen what they were shown.

Interviewer: Is it true that the system of “synthetic quantum environments” had been built by you for purposes of conditioning and educating humanity to be able to sustain a future role among organized intelligent civilizations in space and in the inter-dimensional multi-verse?

Zeta: That question sounds like many questions, what are the uses of the SQE? In the separation process of the physical entity from self, a being would understand that in its energetic presence, the consciousness of the being is able to understand the environment is malleable.

So depending on what you wish to create and preserve as an environment, would determine the level of quantum entanglement that is required by a being that is to synthesize the energetic entities, and to then propagate this as a sustainable existence in its quantum self. Many of the SQEs are in existence for the scientific beings who wish to experiment within a race. A snap shot is taken and using the SQE, transpose the environment, and using the SQE then instigate change. This is a mirror image process to see what is sustainable, and in that place no harm is created to a physical entity as it is an energetic environment.

Interviewer: Is this world a holographic environment?

Zeta: No, but certainly an environment of consciousness, nothing is as physical as you believe it to be.

Interviewer: Humans talk about a jump room technology. Do they in fact have access to it?

Zeta: Do humans have access to separation from this physical norm to the SQE, yes.

Interviewer: Can they reach another planet the same way?

Zeta: They can reach other SQEs. Some races are able to move through to a planet and create a physical form as they arrive.

Interviewer: So when humans say they jumped to Mars, they have only gone to a copy of Mars in an SQE?

Zeta: Humans travel as a single entity, this causes issues for them and their matter, yes.

Interviewer: By single entity, do you mean a combined etheric and physical body?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: What we need is a jump room so we can experiment, do you think the Zetas might have a spare one laying around?

Zeta: You would need the technologies in the SQE to make the adjustments and the focus of thought to initiate the changes. As well, the SQE are also part of a neurological network so other SQEs are located in the vicinity, and communication between the operators are required, as not just one sample is taken. Many can be taken of the image and multiple SQEs can be in operation for the process.

Interviewer: Do the humans with the jump room always need Zeta assistance?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Do they know that?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Does a synthetic quantum environment include all of time as we know it?

Zeta: No.

Interviewer: Does the snap shot that is taken refer to a particular point in time? [This refers to the snap shot mentioned in a previous answer]

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: What does it mean to "transpose the environment"? [This was asked to clarify the phrase used in a previous answer]

Zeta: To transpose is to take an image to the molecular level and then using various technologies, manipulate the process. But also, remember that some SQEs are used as places of education, so they are firmly fixed as environments. Many are not used to manipulate anything.

Interviewer: Are they just used as places to live?

Zeta: They can be used as a place to live.

Interviewer: Can the point in time for the snap shot be any time in the future as well as the past?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is the experience of an energetic human body in a synthetic quantum environment identical to that of a physical human body in a physical environment? That is, does it feel the same?

Zeta: Yes.

Interviewer: Is there some way that I could tell if I were in a synthetic quantum environment or the original physical environment? Is there some test that I could do?

Zeta: If you've given me information too of the level of awareness for the test - you would need to clarify that you are in a separation.

Interviewer: But if it feels the same to be in an energetic environment as in a physical environment, how could I tell which environment I was in?

Zeta: You would need to be told.

The SQE is an energetic construct that does not have a corresponding physical body. It is created by copying an original physical/energetic environment using some technological process that was said to involve quantum entanglement. A number of SQEs are connected as a network and have on-board biological operators that coordinate the activities of the network. The on-board intelligence appears to be a component of the SQE itself. Some SQEs are used as laboratories for performing "what if" experiments without affecting the original environments. Others are used as a space for educational purposes and as a place to live.

According to the Zeta, transferring a human energetic body to the SQE requires the appropriate mental focus, access to the SQE technologies, and the cooperation of the network of SQEs. Humans operating a jump room would appear to need the assistance of the Zetas to make the jump. This was confirmed when a Zeta said, “The synthetic spatial folding environment has nothing to do with the humans and cannot be accessed by the human consciousness unless it is provided with an aid into the environment.

The creation of an SQE appears to involve a quantum process. The Zeta mentioned the “level of quantum entanglement that is required by a being that is to synthesize the energetic entities”, and “quantum entanglement” is a familiar term to human physicists. Quantum entanglement normally refers to the mysterious correlation between the states of two physical particles like photons that were connected in some way in the past. Why this correlation exists is not understood. The Zeta’s use of the term suggests that the device copies a physical environment by somehow reading its quantum states to form a non-local, entangled or correlated version in the energetic realm.

The SQE is an energetic environment and so the physical information to be copied must cross the boundary between the physical and energetic realms. The Zeta’s use of “entanglement” implies that a correlation may exist between a physical particle and an energetic potential on different sides of the realm boundary.

11.2.1 How to create an SQE

A Zeta dropped a hint near the end of an interview, that the mechanism for the creation of an SQE may be the heterodyning process introduced in the chapter, “Heterodyning vibrational states”. So the interviewer developed a scenario suggesting how a physical environment might be copied to an SQE using the heterodyning process. This proposal was presented to the Zeta in an interview for his approval.

Interviewer: In the SQE creation situation, a constant high frequency input is provided by a Zeta being. The low frequency input is from the physical environment to be copied. The intention to produce the difference frequency is provided by the Zeta. The output of the process is the difference frequency. It follows the variations in the physical input frequency, since the Zeta frequency is constant. This difference frequency then becomes the input to the process that creates the SQE.

Zeta: The SQE is the potential, the lower frequency is the matrix of reality, the form that is to exist within the environment. The Zeta, as you say, create the potential for the other possible lower potential to create the form. The form performs a function. For us it is irrelevant whether the form is seen as high or low potential. What must be created is the form. An example is that the timeline of a human may be created. What offers the most stable potential for us to view that framework that has been created, will be offered to the technologies of the SQE. It is the form that takes priority.

The Zeta’s response implicitly acknowledges the validity of the proposed scenario and added further details. He emphasized that the SQE container is a technology separate from the forms created inside it. The Zetas have the intent to create the SQE, and provide a constant reference potential as one input to the heterodyning process. In Figure 1 of the chapter, “Heterodyning vibrational states”, this is the input labeled A. The second input, labeled B in the figure, is the variable potentials obtained from a “matrix of reality”, the environment to be simulated. The difference between them is “the other possible lower potential” and this creates the form.

The level of the reference potential is not critical since the vibrational state of the created forms is said to be irrelevant. The stability of the created forms appears to vary under different conditions, and the most stable result is determined empirically by viewing a created framework. The corresponding difference potential is presented to the SQE technology which creates the forms in the container.

The meaning of “level of quantum entanglement” was suggested to the Zeta for his approval in a subsequent interview.

Interviewer: I suggest that the level of quantum entanglement relates to the level of consciousness provided by the Zeta being to the heterodyning process. This would determine at what difference frequency or level of consciousness the SQE is created. Is this understanding correct?

Zeta: The SQE always holds a form. It always exists within a framework of technology. What is input into it, determines what is created within it. It is not fully an act of consciousness, but a mixture of technology and consciousness. It is a framework that allows itself to be given input which then creates the internal form.

The Zeta responded that the SQE container is designed to always hold a form. The contents of the container will change when an input is provided, and the new contents are created by consciousness aided by technology.

He chose to not answer the question about level of entanglement. He had already said, “For us it is irrelevant whether the form is seen as high or low potential.” Therefore, the question how the level of quantum entanglement relates to the Zeta level of consciousness could also be considered irrelevant.

Nevertheless, we can speculate that “the level of quantum entanglement that is required by a being that is to synthesize the energetic entities” refers to the constant reference level provided by the Zetas that gives the most stable difference potential. The best performing reference level may be data dependent. It would be contingent on “what you wish to create and preserve as an environment.”

Creation of the SQE was described as “a mirror image process”. Perhaps this refers to the heterodyning process, where the differencing operation would indeed yield a mirror image of the “matrix of reality” when the higher vibration input is held constant.

11.3 Portals

Portals are regions of the “waveform” in consciousness space where an entity in one realm can easily cross a realm boundary to enter another realm. If such transition points are seen by humans, they usually take the shape of a vortex. The medium, Paul Hamden, occasionally sees a vortex, and to him it means that a Zeta is nearby.

A Zeta was asked if the vortex were a construct in the etheric realm. He replied, “There are multidimensional fabrics of energies presented as frequency. Those frequencies make up your physical environment, your perception of your environment. When we wish to present ourselves into the physical environment at a distance, we create a distortion in that fabric. So the room, or a portion of the room, would seem to bend.” He added that their purpose in creating the vortex was to present themselves to the medium.

A Zeta commented on another occasion, “We believe that many humans think that a vortex is a funnel-type device, but generally, it is a descriptive process that is utilized to give an understanding of a process. And now, it would be more accurate to state that what exists between frequencies is an intermediate layer of a connectivity between the two which allows a crossing over or a crossing between the formations.

If this is a room, there is a room on the other side of that wall. If a door is placed in between the rooms, then we may enter through the door from one room to another, and so that would be the vortex process. This is all quite difficult to explain.

The frequency of this area compared to the frequency of where we are, these are different. The intermediate process is one which establishes a connection that allows transference between the areas of frequency, a stepping down from one frequency to another.”

Another example of how portals are used was acknowledged in a conversation with a Zeta about disks of light that people often see in their photographs. This is discussed in more detail in Hamden and Treurniet (2015) in the chapter, “Orbs - an etheric technology”. The disks are often merely reflections of a camera flash from particles in the air such as dust or raindrops. On the other hand, the Zeta said that they could also be observation portals created by beings in another realm. He explained, “Often they are also a intermediary process, a projection of an entity that is wishing to communicate.” When asked how they came to be in view of the camera, the Zeta replied, “Simple function, you have your model air craft - they have remote controls. It is the same process. They are technologies.

A Zeta, who is known to be a teacher of Zeta children, was asked, “What is it that you teach?” He answered, “I teach portal re-creation and manipulation. I teach how to move from matter.” Being able to control the vibrational state of the environment is important to the Zeta beings. This is apparent from the comment, “Frequency provides power, power to control, power to close portals and use energy, and of course how you are to use these processes is dependant on your intent as an entity, how to change energy of another container, how to heal, how to be present, how to change what seems not to be changeable, to work in layers of consciousness. They are normal abilities of a [Zeta] elder.”

The Zetas have technologies analogous to our computer systems with which they can manipulate the environment. For example, they create and manage portals by sequentially executing various functions represented by symbols. A Zeta explained, “You call it programming to arrange symbology to provide functionality to computers. The technology is functions, you understand functions. So in computer code, a function provides a response. Now a function, many functions, each function has according to its structure a symbol. Now, I can perform multiple functions within one category.

A questioner wondered if the symbol was conscious and asked if it had intent. He replied, “An intention, yes, to connect telepathically to… A symbology must illuminate symbols through consciousness.” So the symbol has a function which is executed when it is activated by a consciousness.

He continued, “And now to take it one step further for you. Now, of course, multidimensional matrix like a, have you seen a honeycomb? Same process, a function interact and bind together to perform functions of interdimensional nature, to close portals. Portals are a difficult process, so must combine functions because portals are a point of origin, must be calculated, also point of entry into physical realm, then of course a potential amplitude of portal, a calculation function, and then how to close must be calculated, and then to present a portal with solution once calculated, to present portal with solution, and then portal close.

11.3.1 A portal for changing timelines

During a sitting at the Wallacia Development Centre near Sydney, Australia, a portal was opened by an uninvited visitor from elsewhere. This portal appeared to originate from another timeline. Timelines are distinguished by their vibrational states, and enabling the transition from one state to another is the function of a portal. The event was discussed in the following interview segment.

Interviewer: Who opened the portal from the other timeline at the public sitting at Wallacia?

Zeta: The feature of the portal process was that beings from a different timeline were to open access to this dimensional process to disrupt the timeline.

Interviewer: If time doesn't exist, how is that possible?

Zeta: The clock, the ticking does not exist, time does not exist, so what exists is what takes place, so if this is changed... How to explain this… Imagine your life in a long tube – horizontally. You stand up and view the tube, and see yourself performing certain functions in the now. As now you are viewing this, you go to another part of the tube and see a child in the now. It is from the point of the observer as to what is the now. So a statement such as “all things are now” is possible. If the process is interfered with and is changed, then many things will be altered in the now.

Interviewer: Are you saying the timeline has been interfered with?

Zeta: Yes, this non-synchronous time has been altered. Humans who have access to races have changed certain points using many things.

Interviewer: So if they are trying to move to this time frame, are they trying to change “now” or make more changes?

Zeta: There is a natural order in all things. Even change has a unpredictable process in regards to what a entity would believe is an outcome. No one is able to predict what is the outcome.

We have seen one possible outcome. Even observing something taking place, changes what is taking place, so the act of observation makes change. Free will exists, right up to the point where it does not exist. Humans believe they are making decisions based on freewill.

Interviewer: What would have been a consequence of a human being taken through a portal not of their own volition?

Zeta: Each timeline holds its own frequency. If a being from another timeline is brought through to another timeline, then the timeline will change. Your circle is a technology, not a spirit circle, although spirit can speak in some circumstances. They desired the physical signature on a separate timeline. Any time a level of energy is increased and recognized, with the proper technology a doorway can be opened.

11.4 Thought focusing environment

The human race occupies the physical earth and has a presence in other realms of the multidimensional consciousness space such as the astral and spirit realms. The astral realm in particular is part of what we are in this physical life. In the words of a Zeta, “The astral realms are a collection of all thought, all creative processes, all dimensional aspects which come from the existence of thought. This concatenation of all thought forms is the collective mind of the human race. … All of you have thoughts, all of your thoughts are becoming one. As they become one, you have created a collective consciousness entity.

For decades, human scientists have sought the memory engram in the physiology of the brain. Little did they suspect that memories are actually recorded in the non-physical astral realm. When a Zeta was asked how memories are represented, he replied, “In flow, somewhat like an energetic stream bound intrinsically to the consciousness of an entity. … The form of consciousness [i.e., the memory representation] is reliant on the level of frequency of the consciousness to the astral realms as it has been called. It is denser in the lower forms and less dense in energetic existence in the higher forms." Memories are encoded in the astral realm by a creative process using the human’s current vibrational state.

The Zetas are confident that the collective mind of the human race will rise to a level that will allow communication with extraterrestrial races. But the human collective consciousness is already developing new abilities that are not yet well controlled, and these are affecting other races. Apparently, our behaviour is like a curious child who knows no boundaries.

The Zeta explained the dilemma that the human race presents, “The human race is emanating thought forms into the universal structure of consciousness. The perception is that the human consciousness will affect greatly the fabric of consciousness for other races if no attempt is made to influence internally this race.” He continued, “Let me try to give you imagery. Other races are isolated within spheres. What takes place within those constructs does not permeate into other levels of consciousness. But the humans have their sphere, spherical process is not created yet, so at its infancy. Its consciousness is pervasive.

The childlike human collective consciousness has not yet developed the restraint it needs to coexist with other more mature races without interfering with them. The collective consciousness of these other races have a process that prevents interference with their neighbours. The process verifies that outgoing communications are acceptable to the recipient. Such a process is not yet in place for the human race, so the 'all-pervasive' humans can mentally intrude on the consciousness of other races.

The other races are hoping that this situation will change, that human consciousness will be properly encapsulated. The Zetas are actively working to facilitate this, but they cannot interfere directly because of their higher vibrational state. Instead, indirect methods have been devised to accelerate the maturation of the human collective consciousness.

One method used by a number of extraterrestrial races is to be born into human form. As humans, they can directly influence the vibrational state of the human collective consciousness. As explained by a Zeta, “For the changes to be made to the human consciousness, races incarnate into the human form, which then allows them permission to create thought and the thought permeates the collective consciousness of the human race. Then when the entities transition into spirit realm, many spirits then have consciousness for recall of extraterrestrial activity.” The Zeta estimates that approximately 30 percent of humans have a hybrid consciousness - a spirit realm consciousness and an extraterrestrial consciousness sharing one human body.

Another way for the Zetas to influence the human collective consciousness is to focus love on it. This is expected to promote a higher level of human consciousness so as to minimize the interference with other races. A Zeta explained in the following dialog what they are doing and how they are assisted by a technology.

Zeta: There is a active program in place where many of our race have come together and sit within circular processes, inside clear spheres. There would be roughly eight to ten of us sitting together. Each of the spheres has within it a representation of your planet. We focus together as a group and hold a planet’s consciousness within our thought process. Replicate this across many hundreds of spheres. This combined thought process, this combined telepathic joining, preserves the undulating effect of the collective mind of the human race around this planet. We are holding, as a group, the consciousness of the race in its current state to aid in the process for the transitional environment that the human mind is moving through. We do not wish that undulating chaos to move out into other races’ potential.

Other sphere processes are used for holding and supporting the race, the human race.

Interviewer: How often does this process take place?

Zeta: Continually.

Interviewer: Ok, so it’s different people in the spheres at different times?

Zeta: Different beings of the race that are confined within the spherical process, much likened to… the spheres are a mechanism that are created by us. They are not illusitory, they are not of the same components as the mirrored environments. They are a technology. Now, you may access the sphere, the spherical form, by being in the physical container and aiding in the combined telepathic journey to support the race, the human race. Others may exert influence telepathically on the component internal to the sphere, but be external to the process. This combined effort is based on what is best for the human race.

Interviewer: So it’s an ongoing process?

Zeta: It is not a suppression, it is a managed potential.

Interviewer: These beings that man the spheres, is it their job, is that what they do?

Zeta: It is not a job. It is a desire to want to be of service, to move into a state of consciousness. There are certain rewards that are attained when sitting with others, personal levels of satisfaction, knowing that the support that is given to beings such as yourselves, is of a worthwhile nature. There are many humans that are seeking to support the collective consciousness of the human race to a greater potential. Each of these individual humans numbering the millions across the planet are the nodes, are the entry points for this consciousness, for this collective effort in aiding the planet.

Interviewer: Who are the humans who are supporting this process?

Zeta: The planet is taken as a whole entity, the collective consciousness of the humans is taken as a whole entity. We seek all who will work towards supporting the framework of this environment.

Interviewer: So it’s the humans themselves who are choosing to support, or are they chosen by the Zetas?

Zeta: If you make choice to walk in a higher level of consciousness, that is a choice made by you in freewill. That will be a beacon to the race.

Interviewer: These spheres, how far off your planet are they?

Zeta: They are near your planet, as close as the moon.

Interviewer: You were saying that the physical could go into these spheres, as well it can be done with telepathy. How does a physical container go into one of these spheres?

Zeta: How did you come into this room?

Interviewer: Yes, there is obviously a doorway.

Zeta: There are potentials yes, to enter and leave and to join in telepathically, a means to refocus one’s mind as one would in the meditative state.

Interviewer: You said that the spheres are made from technology, so they’re not a biological entity?

Zeta: Well, we class the biological matter as technologies.

Interviewer: So are these made of biological matter as well?

Zeta: Of some form, yes.

Interviewer: When the craft goes, the spheres go as well? Does the sphere become nothing, does it…

Zeta: The spheres are reconstituted, they are simply a device to hold members of the race, so they may sit in a circular room, circular fashion, and focus their intention on an image of your planet.

Interviewer: Now you said there are hundreds of these at any one time. There must be a lot of craft going backwards and forwards.

Zeta: One craft produces the structure of spheres. Let me explain. Do you love bubbles? If you place a straw device in a bowl of liquid, as the air pressure is placed into the surface, it creates many of your bubbles, yes? It is the same process. The bubbles replicate themselves under pressure.

Interviewer: So once that craft has done what it’s come to do, another craft will come, produce the bubbles and then the first craft will go back?

Zeta: Why does the craft leave? We have said that it stays. The craft has been created to produce the spheres, the spheres are there continually, the craft is there continually. This process has been in operation for many years. You do not have the technologies yet to interfere with what is taking place.