6. Matter and materialization


6.1 The Zeta model of materialization

    6.1.1 Levitation in physical mediumship

6.2 Creation of the universe

A Zeta commented, objects “are represented in matter for the things that are of matter and for things that are of a non-matter state, they are defined by their frequency.” The creation process forms a holographic-like pattern defined by its vibrational state in the grid. However, creation of physical objects “represented in matter” would seem to have additional layers of complexity.

The Zetas maintain that “All physical matter has an etheric body”, and the etheric body is a template which defines all the properties of the physical body. We may ask what is the process that fills the template with matter, and just what is matter?

A Zeta said, “There are also many states of physicality, many states of matter. Each state of matter is like a thinner and thinner lining or sheet. The gross matter of this physical reality is where humans live. The other 'linings' are not seen. They would be seen to be like a silk fabric interwoven between the gross matter.” So matter is multidimensional and exists as a spectrum of granularity ranging from fine matter to the familiar gross or coarse matter. The Zeta uses the image of layers of finer matter interwoven with the coarse matter of the three-dimensional space that we know. The finer matter or “linings” exist as non-spatial entities in other dimensions of consciousness space and are, of course, not seen.

The Zeta revealed that matter in the finer physicality “have always existed as part of the fabric of this universe.” Matter is “a development of consciousness … a conjoined process of smaller levels of potentials.” The latter appears to be in agreement with the reductionist view of matter, that each level of organization consists of smaller particles than the previous higher level.

According to a Zeta, “Not all matter is in a combined state as in existing as a solidified form. Much matter is in a non-combined state.” He also said of non-combined matter, “It has a non-organized state.” When asked, he confirmed that the electron is an example of matter in a non-combined state.

Electrons in a non-combined state are situated in an extra-dimensional space of negative energy in a novel physical theory proposed by Hotson (2002a, 2002b). The theory offers an explanation of materialization analogous to the Zetas’ explanation, and will be discussed in a later chapter. Also, electron clouds form plasmas in the coarse matter universe. In both cases, the body of electrons can be described as “much matter in a non-combined state” as well as “matter in a non-organized state”.

The Zeta also said, “Consciousness holding itself into conscious states creates matter. This is seen as certain elements, some of a finer framework, others of a gross process.” We interpret this to mean that the consciousness of an entity in the energetic realm created the etheric templates of the fundamental particles; for example, the electron “of a finer framework” and the proton and neutron “of a gross process”. Finer matter is drawn to the templates of the fundamental particles by “conscious states”.

The physical laws concerned with phenomena such as electric charge and mass arise from the properties of the fundamental particles created in the context of our three-dimensional space. The etheric templates of the fundamental particles reorganize to form higher-order templates when matter is rearranged by external physical forces. The higher-order templates are the “conjoined process of smaller levels of potentials”. A Zeta said, “All matter is at a subatomic level based on particles, which means that matter is in a constant state of resonance with other matter to form what is classed as gross matter.” So the higher-order etheric templates that define objects in our world form automatically as the basic particles resonate together.

The Zeta agreed that the etheric body of a foetus begins with the shape and size of the fertilized egg, and continues to grow as the foetus grows. He added, “Form is an illusion”, presumably meaning that a physical form is the result of a perceptual process. So the etheric body of a tree would also grow with the physical tree, and the etheric body of a wave on the surface of water would evolve along with the shape of the physical wave.

Human intentions obviously have only small effects on physical matter, suggesting that we find it difficult to change the properties of etheric templates. This suggests further that the creator of those templates is at a higher state of consciousness than we are. Recall that lower state-of-consciousness beings cannot experience higher-state-of consciousness beings or their creations.

6.1 The Zeta model of materialization

The relation between matter and the etheric realm became clearer when the Zetas answered our questions concerning materialization of ectoplasm and apports. Ectoplasm is produced during a séance while a medium is in a trance. The material comes from an opening in the medium’s body such as the mouth. It sometimes behaves as if it were alive, and may do surprising things like representing recognizable images of people’s faces. It is usually reabsorbed by the medium’s body before the end of the seance. An apport, on the other hand, is a natural or manufactured object that can materialize in mid-air. The object is copied from some other location in space/time. Unlike ectoplasm, apports continue to exist indefinitely after they are produced. In both cases, spirit realm beings control the materialization, while the medium is but a conduit for the phenomenon.

Many details of the process of materialization were provided during discussions with the Zeta beings, and complete transcripts of the interviews are included in “A physics of materialization” in Treurniet and Hamden (2015). The following is a Zeta’s summery of the materialization process as it applies to apports and ectoplasm produced by physical mediums.

Zeta: When a medium develops the ability to apport or materialize processes, they are understanding that the spirit realm people are in relationship with other entities. Some would say they are called in. Now, the spirit people take an image of the energetic body of the process, and of course the image contains all of the physical structure for the basis of the apport process. The new apport, the etheric body of the apport, is brought to the physical location where the apport is to manifest, and it is populated in carbon. Now, of course, the apport is not carbon, my friend, but has its basis in many molecules, in many bases of molecular structure, and so the spirit people change the molecular structure to replicate exactly the etheric body process, so that it physically materializes as being a mirror image of the physical that has been copied.

The Zeta added a comment about ectoplasm in particular, “I would say that many of the words required to discuss ectoplasm do not exist, but I will give you a general understanding based on the words we have available to us. As the medium breathes in, he is breathing in much energy because your breath contains life. Now, once consciousness and intent have been put in action, substances are drawn from the physical body which can be guided by consciousness, the consciousness of the spirit entity to perform a function.

To create the desired ectoplasm or apport, the spirit consciousness focuses on a physical location to place a "framework of materialization” which contains the etheric template. The etheric body of the apport is copied from the original object, while the etheric body for ectoplasm is constructed before or during the process by a spirit consciousness. The etheric body encodes all the properties of the object, including information on its atomic structure and spatial organization. A consciousness of a spirit, or an entity who is “called in” to assist, moves available material to the framework or creates new matter by drawing invisible finer matter to it.

The material that becomes ectoplasm is mainly water from the medium's body. The water is reorganized by spirit consciousness into separate hydrogen and oxygen ions, and the etheric counterparts of these ions are rearranged to form the etheric template for the intended ectoplasm. Materials like cellulose or rubber are possible candidates for ectoplasm since a large part of these atoms are the constituents of water. Some ectoplasm has the appearance of cotton fibres which are almost pure cellulose. The missing carbon atoms are also taken from the medium's body if available, or they are created by forming coarse matter from finer matter as specified by the etheric template.

When the medium's body does not have a sufficient quantity of the elements needed to form an apport, the material is obtained outside the body if available. A few samples are required to condition the "conduit of materialization" in the medium's body. Gaps in the apport’s etheric template are filled using fine matter drawn by consciousness. The fine matter forms carbon as a base material, and this element is transmuted to other elements as specified by the template. This may be seen as a process of creation.

An obvious difference between ectoplasm and an apport is that ectoplasm is temporary while the apport is permanent. This corresponds to the relative permanence of their etheric bodies. The apport’s etheric body, copied from another existing object, persists after the spirit control has gone. However, the etheric body of ectoplasm in the “framework of materialization” degrades quickly without the support of the spirit control’s consciousness.

6.1.1 Levitation in physical mediumship

There are times in the presence of a medium during a séance that a table will rise completely from the floor to a height of tens of centimetres. It is unaided by any normal means. Typically, a number of people are seated in dim light or darkness around the table with both hands resting lightly on it. Before it levitates, the table may sometimes skitter across the floor so that the seated people need to pull their chairs along with one hand to keep up with the table while it moves. A Zeta was asked, “What is the mechanism that causes levitation in physical mediumship seances?” He gave the following reply.

Zeta: A field is created around a device, let’s say it's a table, and the consciousness of the entity that is in control imposes its thoughts on the field, and then shifts the etheric body of the table. The physical matter follows the etheric body, but you will notice that your hands that are attached to the table are not in any way affected by the levitation process. There is space between all things, and although you are touching the surface, you are not touching a surface.

Then of course there is the other way of doing it. And there is no other way but to explain it, and the consciousness of the medium is extracted and what is seen that a very fine matter propagates through consciousness. It then attaches itself to the table and the table is moved. The cord, as you call it, may or may not exist.

It may be said to you that there is also another way to look at the table levitating. A group consciousness, a group of entities may impose their will and their thought process upon the table, and the combined thought that the table will lift manifests a change in consciousness around the table, and then the table will shift.

According to the Zeta, spirit beings work with the medium to accomplish the levitation. There are several ways to do this. The spirit could move the etheric body of the table, and the physical table would follow. Or a spirit’s consciousness could replace the consciousness of the medium in order to create rigid ectoplasmic forms from fine matter. These forms extend from the medium’s body to the table, and may or may not be visible. The forms apply pressure to the table to cause it to rise. Finally, the table can be made to rise by only the combined will of several non-physical entities or spirits who “manifest a change in consciousness around the table.

6.2 Creation of the universe

Our new understanding about materialization should be relevant to theories on the formation of the physical universe. The big bang cosmological model is generally held to be true by cosmologists. According to the model, matter and energy erupted from nothing, the universe came into being and expanded, and billions of years later we have what we see now. Cosmologists believe that the energy from the eruption was converted to subatomic particles like protons, neutrons, and electrons, and these formed elements like hydrogen, helium and lithium. Stars formed and the universe evolved according to the physical laws defined by the initial conditions.

The eruption of matter and energy from nothing is a magical process that would normally not be an acceptable part of a scientific theory. We are rescued by the Zetas who assure us that everything came from the energy of a consciousness that existed before matter was formed. They say that “the void is a living entity of total consciousness, oligarchical in nature, and is partially living as an experience in separation, through illusion, of self through the vesture of matter. Each separation of consciousness is layers to perform many functions. Some levels of consciousness pervade the worlds of matter, whereas others are multifaceted in energetic form.” So our physical universe is one form of existence among many. Consciousness creates experiences for itself by separating into facets having multiple levels of organization.

We can now see that the energy of the “living entity of total consciousness” was responsible for the initial eruption of physical energy at the time of the big bang. Perhaps this entity was the Hyperversals race discussed earlier in the section, “Origin of the physical universe”. It would have created etheric templates defining the structures of fundamental particles of matter, and drawn fine matter into coarse matter objects perhaps according to higher-order templates for molecules like hydrogen and helium. We may also infer that the consciousness of the creator being still maintains the existence of the etheric templates it created. Otherwise, all matter would have degraded like the ectoplasm in the séance room when the spirit control departs.