1. Introduction

The Zeta race is part of an extraterrestrial species whose home planet is somewhere in the Zeta Reticuli star system. They have a physical existence, and can also exist in full awareness separated from the physical body. This is a way of life that humans can experience only at a rudimentary level in altered states of consciousness.

For the past several years, we have accumulated interviews with Zeta beings speaking through the medium, Paul Hamden. They have the ability to project their consciousness at the speed of thought to distant places. This enables them to interact with the medium’s etheric body and speak using his physical vocal apparatus. They have told us that physical reality is part of a much larger non-physical reality where both physical and non-physical beings live.

The Zeta being prepares a vibrational state, and when the medium enters into that altered state of consciousness, the being speaks using the medium’s body. Occasionally, other races come through as well, and each brings a distinct energy that some other people in the room have learned to distinguish.

While the medium is in the altered state, he gives control of his body to the Zeta communicator. He becomes a passive observer, able to monitor any conversation in the 'now', but unable to participate. He is typically unable to remember the conversation later in his normal state of awareness. Therefore, audio recordings are always made. The complexity and consistency of the Zetas’ responses to questions are evidence that the contact is an entity external to the medium. There has also been physical evidence that the beings are who they say they are.

The Zetas described a version of reality in which all mental events, including physical experiences, occur in what they call “one source energy”, using words chosen from the medium’s word pool. This “consciousness space” consists of a non-physical energy that is aware; that is, it is the consciousness that we all share. The Zeta cosmology that follows from this concept offers an all-inclusive, consistent understanding of existence, and it can explain otherwise incomprehensible human experiences.

The concept that all of existence is consciousness or awareness is known in human philosophical literature as panpsychism. In the following chapters, an explanation of how things work in the energetic domain of consciousness is followed by how consciousness interacts with the world of matter. Human scientific knowledge can be reinterpreted and integrated with a science based on panpsychism, and the chapter, “Connections to human physical theories”, shows how this might be done.