William C. Treurniet

This book is intended for those who are particularly interested in the different aspects of the Zeta science. It is based on the book entitled "A primer of the Zeta race” and has an organization that should be more suitable for the intended audience. It also expands on the possible connections with human science, and places this important topic in a single chapter.

Some of the material was copied from the earlier books, since it could not be improved, but new material was also added that helps to understand the Zeta science. It is not a replacement for the previous two volumes. They contain much interesting information to do with the presence of the extraterrestrial races and also include some additional scientific details not mentioned here.

Not all of the concepts described by the Zetas are novel. For example, ideas such as panpsychism, the soul, and the etheric body have been proposed before in human philosophies. Could the medium have taken these ideas and attributed them to extraterrestrial beings? This possibility cannot be disproved, of course, but there are alternative explanations. The Zetas tell us that they and other extraterrestrial races have interacted with humans for millennia. The similar concepts could have been implanted into human cultures in earlier times by extraterrestrial beings, or humans may have discovered for themselves a greater reality common to us all. In any case, the Zetas have helped us integrate the concepts into a coherent cosmology based on panpsychism, and this is a valuable contribution.

Eventually, the control system that is in place to minimize human fears about extraterrestrial contact (see Hamden and Treurniet (2015), “Managed plausible deniability”) will enable this new science to become generally accepted.