14. Epilogue

The Zeta cosmology shows the way to revising our physical science theories in order to understand phenomena that cannot be explained with the current materialistic framework. However, the speed with which that will happen depends on the collective consciousness of the human race. A Zeta admitted that there is a system in place to limit the rate at which humanity as a whole will recognize the validity of the panpsychist approach.

The chapter, “Managed plausible deniability” in Hamden and Treurniet (2015), explains the nature of a control system managed jointly by extraterrestrial races, spirit realm entities, and human agencies. The concept of the control system was first proposed by Jacques Vallée (1975) as the means by which a non-human intelligence might gradually change the human myths underlying reality, and to do so in a socially acceptable way.

The Zeta agreed that the control system is designed to minimize the fear that would arise in the population if the change happened too quickly. The control system maintains an optimal level of uncertainty regarding explanations of experienced absurdities. These would include the impossible flight characteristics of unidentified flying objects. Such unusual experiences followed by debunker explanations would cause individual observers either to seek a new understanding about reality or fall back on a conventional explanation. They may choose the latter to avoid forced acceptance of a new world view accompanied by fear.

Perhaps it would be the scientifically minded group that would be most resistant if humanity were forced by incontrovertible evidence to accept the panpsychist view. On the other hand, some may find it liberating to finally be able to reject strict materialism. If the level of uncertainty is optimal, the majority point of view should gradually shift in the target direction when people are repeatedly exposed to inexplicable phenomena.

The chapter, “Materialism is not enough”, contains images of a dematerializing clematis branch and artwork inside a crystal apport. These are compelling arguments for the existence of an etheric body associated with matter. The etheric realm is not consistent with the currently accepted view and demands that the materialism assumption be replaced with something else. But there is plausible deniability so it may take many more exposures to additional evidence before that happens.

Humanity needs to realize that the state of the collective consciousness must rise for it to evolve. A more loving human collective will be able to contact waiting extraterrestrial beings who cannot function easily in our current vibrational state. But like the Zeta said, “Before loving, is understanding. There are levels to be achieved in consciousness.” Recognition of the etheric realm would be a good first step towards an understanding that all is consciousness.

14.1 The power of illusion

According to a Zeta, “It is consciousness that has created the illusion of matter.” Edward Close (2000) concurred when he said, “Structure and form, originating in primary consciousness, is projected as a spectrum of potentialities. The process is completed when one specific structure or form is selected by observation and confirmed again in the nonlocal space of consciousness.

This process explains that matter is represented as a spectrum of potentials in consciousness, particular potentials are then selected by consciousness, and the resulting quanta that are observed are reconstructed in consciousness. Everything takes place in consciousness. The objective existence of matter is erroneously inferred by the consciousness of the observer. Matter is an illusion created by consciousness.

The physical illusion is very powerful, so powerful that the philosophy of materialism is readily accepted by most people. A Zeta observed, “The illusion is the physical life, but others seek to define the physical life as being the real reality, which it is not.” He added, “Humans do not like to know the truth, they like their own physical constructs because that provides them with a level of safety. You are in comfort within your illusion.” People feel safer in the illusion of materialism, so they shy away from accepting that consciousness forms reality. But even when the illusion is understood, it is difficult to accept that matter objects are constructs existing only in consciousness.

When the Zetas say that everything is illusion, they include our beliefs which are sometimes easily restructured by new information. For example, when they were questioned about chakras and kundalini energy, they replied that these are belief structures devised by humans. Such structures can be useful but, like matter, they are illusions created by consciousness.

Consciousness plays a fundamental role in creating the structure of our inner life as well as matter. There are people who recognize this and have learned to manipulate the consciousness of others. In our society, the advertising industry is adept at creating needs where there were none. Public relations firms have methodologies for changing people’s perceptions about other people and institutions. People in positions of authority take advantage of their power to convince others that undesirable actions like wars are necessary.

We often accept such manipulation in order to keep the wheels of society turning, believing that the manipulations are harmless or can be resisted. But the manipulations can be subtle and serve agendas that are to the advantage of relatively few people. This is especially true in the area of geopolitics where power over others is the objective.

An important tool for advancing agendas is the media. Newspapers and television can effectively implant memes in the minds of their audiences. For example, communication of propaganda to the masses is an important function of the media. If it is done carefully, many people are unaware that some of their thoughts have been implanted so that they will more easily accept the actions of people in authority.

The media also present programming materials that viewers like, so that they will also watch accompanying advertisements that provide revenue. For example, the programming often includes law and order dramas where serious crimes such as murder predominate. The programmers recognize that many viewers feel insecure and like to see that criminals are punished. However, viewing scenarios of what we fear creates more thought structures that perpetuate the fear, and may even create a scenario where the viewer is a fearful participant. A Zeta said, “What exists in illusion is manifested into the physical.” This kind of media feedback could not occur if everyone avoided programming that stimulates fearful thoughts. Such mental hygiene is important for sustaining desired states of mind.

Breaking free from the anchor of materialism should help humans reorder their priorities so that higher states of consciousness become most important. A critical mass of people motivated by love will create the self-aware collective consciousness needed for the next phase in human evolution.