4. Consciousness space


4.1 The grid

4.2 Origin of the physical universe

4.3 Time

4.4 Frequency

4.5 The creation process

4.6 Realms

    4.6.1 A model of realm vibrational states

4.7 Timelines

    4.7.1 Modification of a timeline

Consciousness space is not spatial in the way we normally understand it. It is multidimensional, so we can only imagine it as a mathematical construct. Our familiar 3D space and its contents are constructs in consciousness space. How this came about will become clearer when we discuss the process of creation and the nature of matter.

The Zetas understand that the energy of consciousness space is the essential nature of all that is. They say everything that exists is a configuration of this energy. For example, “Source consciousness has within it definitive barriers and boundaries for what may exist. There is nothing that can be created that is outside of it, all forms, all shapes, all existence is determined by this process. All matter would disintegrate without this. There would be no planets, there would be no universe, it is held together by consciousness.

A fundamental property of consciousness space is the dimension of states of consciousness. The dimension has an ordinal rather than a rational scale. A Zeta said, “no numerical values are able to be given to what frequencies exist between us and your realm.” The “frequencies” are the Zetas’ way to talk about the ordinal states of consciousness. This means a given state is lower or higher than another state, but there is no way to measure the distance between them using a rational number scale.

These states of consciousness are familiar to us as affective states ranging from very little love to unconditional love. Interactions among various states on this dimension determine the existence of those “barriers and boundaries” in consciousness space. States of love are felt by conscious beings, and we will see that they have practical significance in the creative process as well.

The following sections in this chapter address a number of features of consciousness space.

4.1 The grid

The grid is a property of consciousness. It holds constructs created by conscious entities and behaves as a medium for telepathic communication. In Hamden (2010a, p. 30), a Zeta discusses the concept of the grid in response to an unspecified question. The reply was delivered as a rather lengthy monologue.

Zeta: The resonant energy of the grid or the matrix is not just part of this planet, the grid is like a fluctuating wave vibrating through the universe. It holds all space and time, although time is a misnomer in regards to how you perceive the distances travelled between birth and death. We believe you are asking about the grid of the earth, the one which permeates this planetary structure. You are part of the grid, you all are. As the grid changes so do you.

The changes are subtle in some instances. When in tune with the grid you feel grounded, it is an electronic wave form, your etheric body links in to that process and you then become part of the resonating frequency. The grid is used by many races and planetary beings, somewhat like a communication process. Not only does it aid in the telepathic communication between your beings of this planet, we use it as well. It will aid in the evolution of the planet. All conscious thought is placed into the grid.

The grid has many functions and aspects, no one owns the grid, the grid is not controlled by any one. It is a manifestation of universal energies, everything has a resonating grid – every specific energy, has its own grid. All is one, it’s like separating one drop of water from the ocean. The grid provides healing, it can provide cellular disruption.

If it becomes unstable, it can cause deficiencies in the earth, the people of the planet can become unstable. In certain places in the grid you will notice wars on the planet surface. In those specific places, the grid may be out of resonance. All of you can feed into the grid. If a mass population is living in fear, this energy causes like a cancer in the grid. Imagine if you could a stone dropped into a pond. The pond without the stone is like glass, the surface tension is resonating at a fine frequency. Once something is placed into the pond, it feeds and disturbs the surface tension. The grid emanates from each planet but is also joined as one.

Every physical individual item has its own grid and links into the main grid, everything is all!

Your thought patterns create the resonance around you, a positive thought resonates and thus changes your etheric body. Thus, as it is attached to the grid, it can change the grid.

This one question brings up many possibilities. Obviously your cellular self can be intertwined with other energies. This can cause a link between self and other cells, as all energies are able then to link to all other energies at a cellular level, for an energy to remain constantly engaged to you. This brings up issues of ethics. Is your growth your own, or your guides growth, or is your growth one related to what has transpired externally in the grid?

There are two sides to the equation, firstly you are joined to the grid, thus you can achieve a higher state of consciousness, you automatically attach yourself to the guidance available. There is nothing stopping you from accessing this energy, you can decide now, and the shift is yours. The shift started years ago but as each person has to experience the energetic changes, then the need to assimilate with the shift and then accept the shift when given guidance and inspiration, they should accept it rather than reject it. But most place it aside.

It’s like handing a child something they do not understand, they place it to one side. Even the grid is changing, just by the fact it is being used telepathically by many different beings. Although the grid itself is a waveform, everyone has free will. Is the grid consciousness? Yes it is. Is the grid being fed by other types of consciousness? Yes, because you are an energetic being.

The Zeta also said in a later conversation, “The grid is defined by the individual entities that it is, so if you had a cup my friend, the cup would have a grid that was associated with it. But for the grid to be in its true state, there is no form for the grid.” That is, in the absence of a distortion experienced as an object, the grid is without form.

We are to understand that the grid extends throughout consciousness space as well as being local to the planet. Every physical object has its own grid and links into the main grid. Our thought patterns create resonance around us so positive thoughts can change the grid. Alternatively, negative emotions such as fear and anger can disrupt the resonance and coincide with wars on the planet's surface. We all resonate with the grid, and we can both change it and be changed by it. All conscious thought is placed into the grid, and it is used by many extraterrestrial races as a medium for telepathic communication.

The Zeta added, “The grid process is much aligned with the nature of all things being connected. Your scientists are now understanding the relationship between the subatomic particles, and that the state is determined by its relationship to other particles, but they do not understand that it is the consciousness that creates the state, and it is consciousness that has created the illusion of matter.” The interdependencies among quantum states of matter instantiated in the grid such as entanglement are understood by our scientists, but they do not yet realize that the quantum states themselves were created by consciousness.

4.2 Origin of the physical universe

In Hamden (2010b, p. 70), the Zetas attributed the creation of the physical universe to an advanced race of beings known as Hyperversals to some humans. These beings still protect their creation from other more aggressive races.

Zeta: Hyperversals are beings that are much older, wiser and advanced than yourselves and us. These sentient beings are watchers over the whole process. The one of universal re-creation was their doing. It is important to note these beings are bilateral in communication and have a constant connection to many beings in all parts of the universe, once again, for the purpose of evolution and creation. Many races could take your planet, but it is not as it is protected.

The race classed as the Hyperversals would be the only beings able to describe the process of the re-creation of this one universal structure.

The Hyperversals, when creating the nucleus of the Multiverse, split the form, the initial creative potential of this entity, into fragments - something like a stream. This stream of matter became the Multiverse. When the first process of time began, it was then segmented into various streams. This is not a synchronous process.

So the reference of time in your world - is insular, and not to do with the Multiverse.

There appear to be multiple timelines in a Multiverse created by the Hyperversals. The timelines are asynchronous and so do not affect each other. The purpose of these timelines is discussed further in a later section.

4.3 Time

It is difficult for people in our modern cultures to imagine living without clocks, but the Zetas note that many of earth's indigenous people do not share our concept of the time process. The Zetas experience time differently than we do, and this is evident in their inability to measure time on an absolute scale.

The medium observed, "In every sitting, the Zeta asks, 'What is the time process?' to learn how long they have been here according to us”. The Zeta asks for an absolute time measurement that he cannot make, since in the now he is unable to measure time relative to a fixed reference point.

They say they live in the now, and this concept is explored in the following discussion.

Zeta: For us, there is nothing but now. If you speak to a race who does not use the process of time, for them, all is now. It is possible to be in separation and be in the now. You have created this illusion for self.

Interviewer: What can you tell us about how you live without time?

Zeta: You do not think about breathing, it is a natural occurrence for you as is the no-time phenomenon. Everything you do revolves around a divided day. For us the process of existence is each task is completed and then the next task is moved on to.

Zeta: Let go of the time phenomenon, you have indigenous people on the planet that have no concept of the time process. They would understand the seasonal aspects of the coming and going, the multifaceted being, who you are. The energetic portion is not linked to the time process, it's just the physical being. Look to your higher self if you wish to understand the no-time phenomenon. We understand it's a difficult processes, as you live in a time orientated structure.

Humans invented clock time as a tool for understanding physical existence. A Zeta said, “Your time, your concept of existence is based on your potential to understand that you are, at this point, living in a physical existence. … Consciousness does not envelop the understanding of the time principle. Time is used as a mechanism for humans and other races to determine functionality. What function will they provide now? What will they do tomorrow?

It is common for equations in the physical sciences to include time as a variable. A Zeta was asked how they would solve a simple problem involving motion without measuring time.

Interviewer: We have a concept of speed which is the distance covered per unit of time, like kilometres per second. Since you do not use a linear time scale like seconds, you would not calculate speed. Suppose your craft is moving in space somewhere, and another craft is also moving at some other location in space. Would your craft ever want to intercept the other craft in order to meet physically?

Zeta: If the potential existed that there was a requirement for a physical interaction, but generally this is not required because the connection can be achieved through consciousness.

Interviewer: What actions would your craft take to meet the other craft?

Zeta: The individuals on the craft would communicate effectively with each other to determine if the craft would come together.

Interviewer: If the craft makes calculations to do this, what would they be?

Zeta: No, that is a human concept. If we say that magnets or magnetism is consciousness, magnets are drawn to each other. Whether or not they are, or have the desire to, be drawn to each other is irrelevant. Their nature is to come together if two magnets are in proximity to each other. Think of consciousness of a race being of the same type of process. The common consciousness is what is the guiding process, the catalyst, for bringing the craft together if required, to turn one’s thought to the other.

The Zetas appear to use an intuitive process to estimate the relative positions of the craft in space. They would not need physical devices to measure the distance between the craft. The operators of the craft would join their consciousness and “feel” how far apart they were.

In another context, Zeta students would “feel” an intuitive pressure build in consciousness as a lesson approached. “There is a process that they will be alerted they are required to attend a lesson. The strength of the connection will determine how close the lesson is for them to attend. The amplitude of the lesson indicates when the lesson will be held.

The Zeta gave a similar response when asked how he knows what time to come to a scheduled meeting with the medium. He said “We feel the medium calling us and in energy, we understand that a sequence is coming.

The Zeta said on another occasion, “If we wish, we could also use time as a method of measuring our existence. But when you do not have your physical body, all of your experiences here will be part of your existence away from the physical reality.” The Zeta race could measure time like we do if they found it necessary, but that is not the case when they are so often in separation from the body. He pointed out that humans also do not need time measurements while travelling out-of-the-body. Time measurements are useful only in physical reality.

For the Zetas, “time is a reference point, not a continuum”. This means that they have expectations based on what is currently happening. For them, "the process of existence is each task is completed and then the next task is moved on to”. Coming events are not objectively mapped out on a future timeline. The temporal experience consists of observing a sequence of events. They are always in the now, but the contents of the now are changing in an orderly fashion.

The time-as-sequence concept used by the Zetas is not proof that absolute time does not exist in the energetic realms. But linear time might be difficult to conceptualize in a non-spatial energetic environment where only ordinal position in a sequence is recognized.

4.4 Frequency

According to the Zetas, consciousness space is a dynamic configuration of an energetic entity. The entity was said to have the property of frequency. All the elements of creation are differentiated by resonations of different frequencies. However, we define frequency in terms of units of time (e.g., cycles/sec). As discussed in the previous section, the Zetas do not have a scale for measuring time, and so the meaning of frequency must be different for them. This discrepancy was addressed by the Zetas in the following interview segment.

Zeta: You have asked, how do we know what frequency is when we have no time, as it is a calculation based on a segment of this. Frequency is defined by us by the level of consciousness that an entity holds, and so as you move from one frequency to the other, your consciousness is placed in an expected state. No numerical values are able to be given to what frequencies exist between us and your realm. ... Now, before us, one's consciousness defines the frequency, we have only ever used that word as a comparative process to try to give some meaning to the difference and to provide some comparison between your race and ours. Do you understand what I am saying?

Interviewer: Yes, thank you, I have a question to follow-up though.

Zeta: Yes, of course, I was being pressed by other Zetas to answer your question because they felt that it was important.

Interviewer: Yes, I think it is fundamental and that is why I raised it. So when you talk about frequency, you are using the term as an analogy for another process. But it actually increases the confusion, I think, for humans who have a definite understanding of what frequency is. You also increase that confusion by talking about resonation, because we would understand two different frequencies as resonating or being in harmony or not, and that reinforces our idea of what frequency is.

Zeta: That is because you live in a frame-based thought process. If every time I spoke to you and I only spoke of consciousness, consciousness being in harmony, then you would not understand what I was speaking to you about. So we have come up with a very obviously impractical way of speaking to you in regards to the frequency process. We understand that your time segmentation process allows you to calculate accurately between frequencies. It is like comparing two incomparable processes, and so we have adopted your language to try to create some understanding between us.

Interviewer: So that means that two different levels of consciousness can be more or less compatible with each other and that's what you mean by resonation?

Zeta: Yes, of course, and now we will always speak to you in that level rather than using your understanding of frequency.

Interviewer: I guess we should keep that because you've used the term in a number of different places.

Zeta: Would you like to keep the standard discussion process as it is used?

Interviewer: Yes, I think so, now that I understand …

Zeta: Well then we will concur with that. I will explain to you that myself and another entity would be in consciousness, but a different consciousness, and so the frequency between us would be different, because the consciousness would either be of an expanded or contracted nature. But when I make that statement, that gives you no indication as to what is the mathematical basis of consciousness for the standard way of calculating the consciousness, whereas when we first met the human we were able to say that generally the cyclic rate of the etheric body was 8 cycles per second according to the ticking of the clock within the room. This is a highly inaccurate process that we have allowed ourselves to become part of, but if we are to communicate with humans, we must adopt some of your thought patterns.

Interviewer: Ok, this gives me permission to think about frequency as an analogy then.

Zeta: Yes, thank you, I think it is time for us to move past the very rudimentary understanding of what is.

The Zeta said that frequency was the word chosen from our vocabulary to refer to the level of consciousness that an entity holds. When they speak of the resonation of frequencies, they mean that states of consciousness are compatible with each other and resonate. If they are not compatible, they are dissonant and will not resonate.

The word frequency is semantically related to vibration, which we associate with level of consciousness or emotional state in a spiritual sense. A Zeta also equated the dimension of vibration with the dimension of love when he said, “Each time you act in a loving way towards each other, you are raising your vibration.

The interviewer and the Zeta agreed that we could continue to use frequency to refer to level of consciousness, while being aware that it is an analogy. We should substitute state of consciousness, state of vibration, or even state of love whenever we encounter the word frequency used by a Zeta.

4.5 The creation process

The Zetas say that every conscious entity has the ability to make changes to their environment. All that is needed to be a creator is the intention to create. So all beings have the innate ability to reconfigure consciousness into whatever form they desire. The following discussion explains how the creation process works and what the ramifications are for existence.

Two attributes of consciousness space are important for the process of creation described by the Zetas. The dimension of love or vibrational state is an inherent property of this space, and each facet of every soul entity has the ability to love to a greater or lesser extent. Another essential property is the multidimensional grid which is analogous to a space-filling grid in our three dimensions. It is a basic construct in consciousness space that holds all creations. In its pure undistorted form, the grid is a potential that is not perceived.

The Zetas gave us a way to think about the energy of consciousness space by using the analogy of a waveform. A single waveform is said to represent all that is. Individual objects or beings are components of this waveform. Conversely, individual things integrated with the one waveform are recovered by a being’s perceptual process. Perception transforms the waveform into separate things for the being’s consciousness to experience.

A new creation alters the content of the one waveform. The process of creation is analogous to how laser light is used to make a simple hologram in our physical reality. The ordered states of consciousness or love are analogous to the spectrum of light. The particular vibrational energy of a being’s highest possible state of love corresponds to the particular colour of light used to make the hologram. As depicted in Figure 1, this reference vibrational energy is modified by the being’s intention to produce a particular creation.

Figure 1. Encoding an intention as a distortion in the grid.

The modified energy is combined with the being’s unmodified reference energy to produce a result analogous to the interference pattern of the hologram. This outcome represents the desired creation and is preserved in the all-pervasive grid.

Other beings operating at the same reference state of love or higher can, as an act of perception, reconstruct the thought created in this way in the grid. This process is depicted in Figure 2. These beings may therefore share the same reality. A being whose highest state of love is lower than the reference state that created the pattern would not be able to do so.

Figure 2. Decoding a distortion in the grid.

In general, a being in a particular state of love cannot experience the creations of another being in a higher state of love. This constraint undoubtedly has a profound impact on the kind of relations that can exist among beings. For example, higher-level beings are not exposed to other beings with little ability to love and who might be self-centred and abusive. Also, a Zeta pointed out that the human race is in a relatively low state of love, and so there is much information at higher levels that is beyond our ability to perceive.

There is an exception to the general principle that lower-level beings cannot interact with higher-level beings. That is, the higher-level being may create a condition that would enable a being in a lower state to conjoin with it. The lower-level being could then resonate with the vibrational state of the higher-level being and feel its higher state of love. This accounts for the inexpressible love some people have felt from other beings during epiphanies in near-death and other transcendent experiences. This process is examined further in the chapter, “Heterodyning vibrational states”.

It is possible for us to change our physical world with our thoughts. In experiments on telekinesis, human intention can indeed influence matter, but only to a small degree. Perhaps we are unable to form a proper intention to change our physical environment because our state of consciousness is not quite high enough.

4.6 Realms

Realms are regions in consciousness space that differ in their vibrational states, and therefore are not accessible to all beings. The Zeta said, “There are realms within realms, dimensions within dimensions, and inter-dimensions within dimensions, all is inside everything else. Each dimension is vibrating at a different level, then you can understand that everything is one and everything of the whole. There is no true separation between realms and universal nature. It is possible to travel across all of these barriers that are perceived in your mind, once you have moved yourself to a place of understanding that there are no barriers.

He said on another occasion, “These ‘realms’ that you describe are one of illusion, let this be stated at the outset. There are no defined boundaries between all of those states, as if some doorway existed between realms or dimensions. These energetic realms are actually divided only by the actual waveform's ability to move into and out of the energetic area. Does this then limit what waveform can move where? Yes. These barriers are needed for many reasons. As each waveform or energetic being think within their confines, so they are.

According to the Zetas, a realm in consciousness space has a particular state of vibration. This suggests that it is the creation of an entity who has that same vibrational state. Recall that a thing placed in the grid by the creation process can be perceived only by beings having a state of consciousness like that of the creator being or higher. This would apply to a realm as well. It would not exist for a being who is confined to a lower state of vibration. A being's inability to perceive the realm would certainly be a barrier to entering the realm.

When a being manages to raise its state of consciousness, it becomes aware of previously hidden regions in consciousness space. In that sense, a realm really is an illusion since it persists for a being only because the being's level of consciousness became compatible.

Beings that exist at the highest states of consciousness are able to experience all realms. These beings have moved themselves “to a place of understanding that there are no barriers.” As the Zeta says, “There are no boundaries, and consciousness is playing a game of illusion with itself”.

The Zeta was asked if the border of a realm was defined by its frequency. He replied with an analogy, “You are surrounded by radio waves but you cannot see any of them, but each one of them holds its own channel. Generally, the frequencies are in separation because of the type of wave that they are, so something can exist inside in other things but be in separation.” This means that the vibrational states that define realms interact linearly like radio waves do, so the different vibrations propagate independently and do not distort each other.

There is a perceived reality within an illusion. When asked if the frequency of the inside of a realm differed from the frequency of the border, a Zeta replied, “… inside the realm entity is consciousness creating its own construct.” So the boundaries of realms are due to conjoined delineating vibrations, and the realms themselves are defined by other configurations of the energies of consciousness.

The Zeta defined a being as a “waveform” which does or does not have the ability to resonate with the energetic boundary of a realm. A being represented as a “waveform” pattern in the grid may or may not be compatible with the pattern of energy in the grid defining the realm boundary. If the state of consciousness of the being resonates with the realm, the being could perceive that energy pattern in the grid as a visible boundary with spatial extent.

The Zeta was asked if there could be another realm having exactly the same vibrational states as the spirit realm associated with the physical Earth. He agreed that there could be.

Zeta: Yes, because the spirit realm is local to its physical container so the transitory positions between the physical planet and the spirit realm is a local relationship.

Interviewer: But if two realms had the exact same frequency or vibration, would they not be the same thing?

Zeta: No, because there may be a planet in this universe that has a frequency and a planet in another part of the universe that has much distance that also has frequency of the same nature.

Interviewer: And they would remain apart?

Zeta: Yes.

Zeta: As the spirit realm container is much aligned in the energetic realms, many other spirit realms, many interacting with each other, many entities come from other races to populate the spirit entity that is associated with the planet. This is called a soul process, and answers how a population can continually increase on a planet realm.

The illusion of reality, including our familiar three spatial dimensions, is represented in the one unitary waveform of consciousness space. So other realms with the same vibrational states are unique if associated with different contexts. They may be associated in the illusion with different physical planets located at separate locations in the universe.

4.6.1 A model of realm vibrational states

When the Zetas were queried about what they meant by resonation, the answers were usually rather vague. They do not use rational numbers and a rigid time scale, so the idea of spectral components at certain frequencies that create harmonicity is foreign to them. Rather, they feel vibrational energies in the now, and this is sufficient to recognize consonance and dissonance among states of consciousness (Plack, 2010).

The Zetas have used frequency as an analogy for state of consciousness in an attempt to show how states of consciousness can vary in and between races.

Zeta: The base frequency for Zeta is 10 cycles at a level where an entity is not requiring a separated level of consciousness. But there are other levels of frequency, 16 would be where a being would be in separation from self for a short time, 32 cycles is required to be in a permanent cycle of separation. We have seen that humans are between 7 and 8 cycles, some lower, some higher, depending on the frequency a human holds.

When the Zeta was asked what was meant by a base frequency, he replied, “That analogy is in relation to the level of resonation that a being would hold energetically.” The frequencies are said to be analogies, but the language used suggests that states of consciousness in the Zeta collective are like tones selected from the spectrum of a complex sound. The “base frequency” is the lowest state of consciousness, while “other levels of frequency” are higher states of consciousness. Each is the vibrational state of Zetas in a particular state of consciousness.

The frequencies that were given are analogies for states of consciousness, so they should at least represent relative estimates. For the sake of discussion, let us use those estimates as physical frequencies. Let 10 Hz be the frequency for a Zeta in physical form, 16 Hz for a Zeta who spends some time in separation, and 32 Hz for a Zeta who is permanently in separation.

Like the Zeta collective, the human race has a physical frequency. The Zeta gave the human base frequency as 7-8 Hz, so we will say 7.5 Hz. Humans also exist at higher frequencies as confirmed by a Zeta in the following comment.

Zeta: You as human beings are living on a planet within your physical existence. However, you can easily transcend past the physical barriers. Each time you contact the spirit realms to pass information from a deceased person to a loved one, you do this. Another form of moving past a barrier is astral travelling or out-of-body experiences. These phenomena allow you as a being to move to different frequencies.

Further, when asked if the spirit realm has a wide range of vibrational states, the Zeta replied, “They exist in many different states of consciousness.

So, analogous to the Zeta collective, humans have a temporary separation from the physical body in the astral realm and a more permanent separation in a spirit realm. The Zeta also said, “An astral body experience could be the same as how we are, attached to the physical body while in the energy realms.” This similarity justifies calculating the higher human frequencies in proportion to the Zeta frequencies.

The Zeta “astral” frequency (State A) of 16 Hz divided by the physical frequency (State P) of 10 Hz yields a ratio of 1.6. Multiplying the human physical frequency of 7.5 by 1.6 gives 12 Hz for the human astral frequency. The permanent state of separation for the Zetas is comparable to our spirit realm. Its frequency of 32 Hz is twice the Zeta “astral” frequency, so the lowest human spirit realm frequency (State S0) should be twice the human astral frequency, or 24 Hz. Figure 3 shows graphically the frequencies of the vibrational states for both races.

Figure 3. Frequencies of vibrational states.

According to the Zeta, “The spirit realm container and the astral collective consciousness seem to be in separation but are actually as one process.” He added, “Do not think the astral realm is there and the spirit realm is there, it is one component but it is in separation."

The properties of each array of frequencies are consistent with this view that the states of a realm are separate but part of the same process. First, the spirit realm is an octave higher in frequency than the astral realm, and second, the astral/physical frequency ratio of 1.6 is very close to the golden ratio of 1.618 (Livio, 2002). This number is intrinsic to the Fibonacci number series which is a common organizing principle in many natural spirals from sunflowers to galaxies. These relationships between the different states imply that they are not independent.

To examine further the relationship between the physical and spirit realms, the Zeta was asked if the vibrational state associated with the physical planet resonates with the spirit realm's vibrational states. He replied, “There is a perception in the question that the matter is in separation from consciousness. But understanding that all things exist due to their relationship with each other, means that all things are in a synchronous relationship. Some may seem different, but it is only the state they present that indicates difference.” That is, perceived differences are not to be taken literally. “All things are in a synchronous relationship” means that nothing exists in isolation and everything has a context. Things that appear to be separate are actually oscillating together as part of the one universal waveform in consciousness space. So the suggestion that the physical and the spirit realms are discrete entities is an artifact of perception.

Realm frequencies are approximations for states of consciousness on an ordinal scale, and the numerical values imply that sharp distinctions exist between states of consciousness. A Zeta was asked if physical frequencies are found in the spirit realm. The following reply again makes clear that the assumption of sharp distinctions is incorrect.

Zeta: Delineating a process that defines what is physical and non-physical - once again, the analogy of the ocean. There is water in the bottom of the ocean, there is water at the top of the ocean, and there is water all of the way in between. What defines the water from the body, what defines what is water at the top and water down below. Why is not the water all of the same level. The point is that there are no clear delineating features between the ocean, they are one body, but water exists all the way through from the bottom to the top, but it is not the same water. It is a body.

In the following comment, the Zeta cautions further that sharp distinctions in general are artificial and do not reflect what actually exists.

Zeta: What determines generally the difference between the frequencies is the type of frequency. So for a spirit person to be in the physical form requires a binding of the life force of the consciousness into the physical framework, into the etheric body.

The “life force of consciousness” is bound to the physical etheric body when the higher frequency of the spirit realm is mixed with the lower physical frequency. In terms of the above estimates of frequency, the 24 Hz spirit realm frequency would modulate the 7.5 Hz physical frequency in the etheric body. It is not one or the other, but both frequencies that are present as suggested by the ocean water analogy.

4.7 Timelines

As mentioned in the section, “Origin of the physical universe”, the universe was created in consciousness space as a multiverse consisting of multiple asynchronous timelines. A Zeta said of the timelines, “They exist in frequency”, and so they are differentiated by their vibrational states.

Zeta: You can perceive a timeline as using your imagination process. We will say that if you start from a very small or low frequency, that is the outer edge of the timeline. As the frequency increases and the amplitude increases to its significant point, that is where you exist on your linear timeframe. And of course, then as the frequency or the amplitude decreases to the outer edge, it goes back to its original state much like a wave.

According to the Zeta, each timeline covers a range of vibrational states, with the maximum energy in the middle of the range and minima at the edges.

Zeta: We believe that the source energy has created multiple timelines and existences and dimensional processes for the ability to understand self; it is learning from facets of existence. We are all connected to each other on all levels. The source entity has become a complete entity; there is a continual journey for all energies.

Humans make use of the multiple timelines to maximize experience in the reincarnation process. That is, a spirit entity has experiences on many timelines, each having a different vibrational state. The spirit occupies a different physical container or body on each timeline, each restricted to its own timeline as indicated in the following comment.

Zeta: Imagine that everything is encapsulated within a tubular form, that you are a conduit. No matter how hard you try, you cannot influence the other conduits, else there would be chaos.

A timeline is imagined as a tube containing a sequence of physical objects and events. The physical container of the spirit cannot escape the tube.

Zeta: The timelines are … not segmented by your time process. They are based on dimensional aspects and frequency. … What is taking place is that you are in operation in frequency, and depending on frequency will depend on the type of interaction that you will have with your perceived reality.

The Zeta emphasizes that time segmentation is not a property of the timeline. It is something invented by the inhabitants of the timeline. However, vibrational state is a property, as are other “dimensional aspects”. Perhaps the latter determine the many basic constants that have been measured in our physical reality; for example, the properties of particles like their mass and electric charge.

A Zeta was asked if it were possible for a person on one timeline to experience another timeline. He replied, “Yes, through consciousness, of course, through controlling the process to understanding the mechanics.” So a spirit being’s consciousness is not restricted to one timeline. It is possible to move between one timeline and another in consciousness, since “the current timeline is one of frequency, the other timelines are also the same.” In a dream state, for example, one’s consciousness may shift to the vibrational state of a different timeline. The dream may then portray the dreamer having different life experiences, perhaps with familiar features such as significant acquaintances.

But there are ramifications if one’s consciousness were to move from one timeline to another. The Zeta was asked if a human could focus awareness on a timeline where there was no war, for example.

Zeta: Now, each of the timelines have imperceptible connectivity of frequency between each one. But for a human to move to a state of a non-war and peaceful environment would require that the human traverse each of those individual timelines seeking the other existence.

Now generally, you may move to the closest proximity of consciousness within the timeline process. To travel from this timeline to another, to another, to infinite or non-infinite timelines, would ultimately require you to have abilities that within your physical environment you do not perceive that you have.

This timeline holds within its capacity to keep your consciousness, your mental state, in a state of normality. As you move out of this construct, you will find that you will become disorientated, not just from the point of a local consciousness, but from that point of being integrated as a form living on this timeline. Once that takes place, you would be seen to become unstable. And so yes, many of the humans that are now incarcerated may have at one stage moved beyond the boundaries of this linear timeline.

The amplitudes of the vibrations within a timeline are very low at the boundaries, and so it would be difficult for a person to enter vibrational states near the boundaries. But if someone were nevertheless able to cross a boundary and enter nearby timelines, the person’s psyche would become disoriented and perhaps become permanently disabled.

The Zeta also pointed to practical issues when entering other timelines that might have undesirable consequences. In the following comment, he wondered what would happen if the consciousness of a human entered a timeline where the physical container no longer existed. And what if the person in the new timeline had knowledge required there that the incoming consciousness did not have? How would the person be able to cope?

Zeta: And of course there are the unintended consequences that exist if you move to a timeline where you no longer exist. Then what is the potential. Do you now no longer exist on the original timeline because you have experienced transition? There are many concerns, many questions about consciousness traversing timelines. You may be educated in something that was unknown, and now you must fully metabolize that information.

A Zeta attributed the phenomenon of déjà vu to our ability to be aware of events in adjacent timelines. This is a feeling people may have that a certain experience has already occurred when it clearly has not.

Zeta: The possibility of multiple existences for you is a reality. Many of the existences, of living in that timeline, is of a non-synchronous process. Often you are moved energetically from the physical and phase shift into another timeline, depending on the relative distance of.... Words now fail us...

Imagine that there is a running track and each being that are to run, are on the starting positions and “are you”, you are all instances of the runners.

You all start running. At some point some catch up with the other of you, and at other points some of you are running faster than others. So if each runner is on a timeline, as each comes closer to the other, you sense and perceive you have in some way experienced a process before.

Consciousness is not encapsulated in the physical body, consciousness is able to be spread across many existences, so when you come across a non-synchronous time, separation only exists in consciousness.

4.7.1 Modification of a timeline

A Zeta said it is possible to modify the contents of a timeline under certain conditions. In Hamden (2010b, p. 42), a Zeta explained to a group of people in the séance room the procedure they use to modify the physical environment. He said, "What you see now is created in the future. As you move forward into the resonation, you are partaking of the created resonation. We are ahead of the group, creating and manifesting energies and communication processes, so that in the physical, when the group arrives at that point in a time reference, the manifestation is then realized ... we create all of this imagery, all of this energy, by the pure thought process.

We create with intent as a collective; we come to an agreement regarding what will be allowed to be manifested, for the greatest and highest good. We have an overseer who comes and sits to view the process. We are trusted; all beings need a guidance of sorts. There is, of course, an underlying meaning to all of this, one of ascension for the physical race of beings that you are.

The Zeta said they are collectively "creating and manifesting energies and communication processes … by the pure thought process” ahead of where the group is in the Zetas’ subjective time. They appear to alter successive slices of physical reality, perhaps by changing the contents of the etheric realm using the creative process. The people in the room then "move forward into the resonation" as what they create is transformed into physical reality.

The described process suggests the frequency-to-time domain transformation process that is implied by the hologram concept. The hologram would be the frequency domain representation of space/time placed in the grid by the Zetas’ creation process. The pattern in the grid is then transformed to “the created resonation”, which is the time domain version of the hologram. The physical/etheric senses of the people in the room are stimulated and sensations are created as appropriate consciousness potentials are activated by each person’s local consciousness. The hologram and the created resonation are different ways of representing the same information.

The insertion of new information into the time stream is not taken lightly since approval by an overseer is required. One of the overseer’s responsibilities is “to make sure vibrational alignment is in place for the joining of the grid. We are coming to a place in the near future where the grid will be used powerfully and we will be visiting these groups [i.e., groups working on a planetary scale] to make sure the energy that has been born is correct”. The overseer has an agenda that includes ensuring that changes to the grid do not interfere with the desired maturation of the human collective consciousness.