9. Biological bodies


9.1 Self-healing

9.2 Etheric energy from hemoglobin

    9.2.1 A mechanism for energy exchange

In the earlier chapter, “Matter and materialization”, bodies of matter were said to have etheric bodies existing in a parallel dimension known as the etheric realm. The etheric body contains the properties of the body of matter and behaves as a template for the body. Living matter, however, is not like inanimate objects that have relatively fixed properties and typically respond only to external forces. Living matter like the human body is homeostatic and attempts to maintain its form and function in response to damage by external forces.

The Zeta explained the structure and function of the human body in several conversations. The basic structure includes three levels; the physical body, the etheric or energetic body, and the local consciousness or spirit.

Zeta: Initially the three states are in separation. Higher self moves to integrate with a physical container, the etheric body is the field which allows the blending, and once the body terminates, the etheric form is absorbed by the originating consciousness.

Zeta: The etheric body has a representation and intermediary process of the physical body. It holds within it the potential of all cellular functions within the physical body. It is manipulated by the higher self to perform actions onto the physical body. Of course the local consciousness inside this process has its own potential to believe certain things about itself. … So the etheric body becomes intermediary process between the many layers, but the ones that are the most present are the local consciousness and the physical body. The etheric body, which would resemble a template which holds within it all the potentials of the physical body, which then link to the higher self.

Zeta: The energetic body is in a constant state of change my friend, as the thought processes permeate the etheric body and change the frequency of what is… as does the higher self when it is to bring about change to the physical body also, through an act of thought, changes what is the resonation of the energetic body to the physical.

As with inanimate matter, the etheric body is a template for the physical body. Additionally, there are processes to accommodate the special requirements of living matter. The local consciousness has a blueprint of the ideal organism, modified according to the genome of the particular entity. With the help of the etheric body, the local consciousness maintains the physical body so that it conforms to this blueprint. The physical processes in the body are stimulated to repair wounds and recover from illness.

In the following sections, the self-healing process is discussed and a model of energy transfer from the physical body to the etheric body is described.

9.1 Self-healing

According to the Zetas, the local consciousness maintains a blueprint of the physical body in the form of consciousness potentials. The blueprint is derived from a generic template for a body of the human race, modified according to the characteristics of the particular individual. The consciousness potential is also represented as an etheric potential in the etheric body. The application of the blueprint information to the health of the body is discussed in more detail in Hamden and Treurniet (2015) in the chapter, “Health and healing”.

A healthy, uninjured physical body conforms to the consciousness potential or blueprint defining the body. The Zeta said, “The etheric body understands its potential. It seeks to continually keep the physical body to that potential.” The etheric body mediates the transfer of information between consciousness and the physical body.

The local consciousness recognizes when healing is required, and communicates the blueprint information to the physical body. When the body suffers an injury, “there is what is perceived to be a vortex under the surface of the etheric body which is connected to the injury.” The pattern of vortexes in the etheric body follows the pattern of the physical injury. The vortexes appear to be involved in communicating the consciousness potential of the blueprint to the physical body via the etheric potential. This information stimulates the healing process.

The Zeta was asked how etheric information is communicated to the physical cells of the body. He responded, “Underneath the energy is consciousness. It is the quanta information of the cellular structure of a human body. That consciousness indicates from beneath at the lowest levels, or the highest levels, of what is the action of the re-creation of the cellular process, and of course, all other potentials then exist. The energy then is actively working towards healing the physical cellular disruption.” The Zeta explains that the blueprint represents “quanta information of the cellular structure”, or information at the lowest level that points to what action should be taken to heal the physical body.

A Zeta hinted that the heterodyning process, described in “Heterodyning vibrational states”, communicates the blueprint information from the etheric to the physical body. The hint prompted us to develop a scenario of how heterodyning could transfer information from the etheric to the physical body. The scenario was presented to the Zeta for his approval.

Interviewer: In the healing situation, the local consciousness potential is a higher frequency and the physical potential is a constant lower frequency. The local consciousness has the intention to combine its frequency with the physical frequency. The difference frequency is imposed temporarily on the physical potential. Since the difference frequency follows the frequency of the consciousness potential, it is able to guide the healing process.

Zeta: Yes, of course.

The Zeta’s response confirms that the heterodyning process can communicate information across realm boundaries. The etheric body exists in a non-physical realm, yet has a template that guides the structure of the physical body. This is done by influencing the state of a physical potential that guides the unfolding of physical processes in the cells of the body.

The physical potential has a constant baseline level, while the consciousness potential varies according to the blueprint information. The variable consciousness potential and the constant physical potential produce the difference potential of the heterodyning process. The necessary non-linearity is provided by the intention of the local consciousness to heal. The difference potentials follow the vibrational states of the consciousness potentials, and alter the physical potentials in order to affect processes in the cells.

In the chapter, “Health and healing” in Hamden and Treurniet (2015), several cases of healing by Zetas are presented. The first case discusses a successful healing of actinic keratoses which produced skin lesions on the nose. The Zeta said after the 1.5 minute healing process, “There has been an attempt to redefine the etheric energy around your facial area to see if any potential is applied to the abnormal cellular structure.” That is, altering the etheric potential was expected to produce a corresponding change in the physical potential directing cellular processes. The Zeta employed the heterodyning process “to redefine the etheric energy” which, in turn, enhanced the physical potential in the cells of the body.

The Zeta implied that the inability to heal was caused by an inadequate physical potential carrying the required blueprint information. The frequency of this physical potential was likely too low. To raise it, the Zeta may have applied another heterodyning process. He said, “We have instructed the consciousness of the etheric body in the facial area to reverse the cellular changes.” This could mean that the frequency of the local consciousness encoding the blueprint was increased. If it were increased by a fixed amount, the heterodyning difference potentials would also increase and affect the physical potentials to the same degree. The physical potential “applied to the abnormal cellular structure” would have increased in frequency so that healing could occur.

9.2 Etheric energy from hemoglobin

An obvious effect of breathing is oxygenation of the hemoglobin in the blood. It so happens that oxygenated hemoglobin has a different electromagnetic (EM) absorption spectrum than deoxygenated hemoglobin. The graph in Figure 1 from data published by Prahl (1999) shows the different spectra. The molar extinction coefficient shown in the graph is a measure of how much energy the hemoglobin molecules absorb at a given wavelength.

Figure 1. Hemoglobin (Hb) and oxy-hemoglobin (HbO2 absorption spectra (data from S. Prahl, Oregon Medical Laser Center)).

Of particular note is the relatively large difference between the absorption spectra of oxygenated and deoxygenated hemoglobin between the 600 and 800 nm wavelengths. This range, in the shaded part of the graph, corresponds to the red and near infrared parts of the spectrum.

If the absorption spectrum of the hemoglobin could be measured in the body, the values in this spectral range would depend on where the measurement was taken. The oxygen saturation level in arterial blood is significantly higher than in venous blood. This means that the amount of electromagnetic energy carried by the hemoglobin would vary as it moves around the circulatory system. When a hemoglobin molecule picks up oxygen atoms, the EM energy contained by the molecule would be forced to move somewhere else. I propose that this EM energy is transferred to the etheric body when the hemoglobin is oxygenated.

A very similar process was described more than two years earlier by a Zeta. During a session recorded in February, 2010, the sitters noted that yawning often occurred at the beginning of sessions. This prompted a discussion on the importance of breathing for facilitating contact. The Zeta made the following comment.

We need a certain energy to produce the contact. This is why the breathing became a ‘larger issue’ (yawning of sitters). This expels the energy needed for contact - this process works by stimulating the oxygen in the blood, thus increasing the electrical discharge you provide us. This charge generates, in conjunction with the thought of contact, a small vortex which we speak to you through.

The Zeta said that the contact process needs energy which is associated with the breathing of the sitters. The process works by 'stimulating the oxygen in the blood', which in turn 'expels' the electrical energy needed for contact. This description parallels the independently conceived idea expressed above that “EM energy is transferred to the etheric body when the hemoglobin is oxygenated”.

The existence of this energy transfer mechanism was upheld when the Zeta was asked for verification with the question, “What physical mechanism transfers energy between the physical and etheric bodies? Is hemoglobin involved and, if so, how?” The Zeta replied, “Yes, hemoglobin is involved as an increase of oxygenated blood is cycled through an entity. In doing so, the energy of the human form is assimilated to the etheric body. But, there is a continual exchange between the physical and etheric, not a state of separation.

The physical body seems to be designed to transfer energy to the etheric body as proposed by the above model. The oxygen saturation level in arterial blood is typically 95-98%, and drops to around 60-80% in venous blood. The difference reflects the body's use of oxygen. So the biggest change over time in oxygen saturation level of the blood occurs when it moves from arteries to the veins. This is measured as the arterio-venous oxygen difference.

According to the model, arterial blood with its high oxygen content absorbs the least EM energy. Conversely, venous blood with its lower oxygen content absorbs the most EM energy. As the blood returns to the lungs via the venous system, many hemoglobin molecules that had given up their oxygen atoms can now absorb EM energy. The Zeta agreed, “There are chemical exchanges within the physical body that produce electrical impulses. Those impulses provide properly formed mechanisms which interchange with the etheric body.

The energized hemoglobin molecules enter the lungs, and react with available oxygen. This chemical reaction is clearly not prevented by the absorbed EM energy. But since the oxygen and the absorbed energy cannot coexist in the same molecule, the energy is radiated away to be taken up by the etheric body.

The accumulation and radiation of energy is continuous as long as the blood keeps circulating. However, the amount of available energy should vary as conditions change in the body.

9.2.1 A mechanism for energy exchange

The proposed model requires a mechanism to transfer the energy accumulated in the hemoglobin to the etheric body. The Zeta was asked, “Do you agree that this electrical energy accumulates in the hemoglobin and then is discharged in the form of a radio wave?” He answered, “Yes, I do. The lungs are used as mechanism for creating the charge, but the whole body and the breathing apparatus of the medium is used to deliver the energy to the etheric body.

He confirmed that the electrical energy accumulates in the hemoglobin and is discharged in the form of a radio wave. The energy is delivered to the etheric body by the entire physical body, including the “breathing apparatus” or respiratory system. Although the Zeta referred to the body of the medium, we can assume that the response applies to humans in general.

The red blood cell, shown in Figure 2, has a toroidal shape with the hemoglobin arranged around the periphery and with very little in the center. The hemoglobin constitutes 95 percent of the mass of the cell (Prahl, 1999). This shape might function as a loop antenna for releasing the energy. Assuming this is true, we can estimate some physical parameters related to the process.

Figure 2. An image of a red blood cell.

For best efficiency, a resonant loop antenna has a circumference equal to the wavelength of the signal to be transmitted. The red blood cell is approximately 7 µm in diameter and so it has a circumference of 22 µm. A wavelength of 22 µm translates to a frequency of about 13.6 terrahertz (THz). This is the frequency of radiation that the antenna is tuned to emit, and the frequency that the etheric body should be tuned to receive. It might have been the frequency meant when a Zeta said, “One frequency defines the state of the physical body which is encapsulated by the etheric body.

Note that the energy accumulated by the red blood cell has wavelengths ranging from .6 to .8 µm (Figure 1). These correspond to a frequency range of 370-500 THz. So the red blood cell may function as a frequency converter, collecting energy in the 370-500 THz range and converting it to the 13.6 THz resonant frequency of the red blood cell antenna.

A Zeta offered a clue about the nature of the etheric receiver of the radiated energy. The etheric body contains devices in the shape of a vortex.

Zeta: The etheric body is in a constant state of change in regards to the level of frequencies. Many of the frequencies that are within the intermediary process of the etheric body are also in a state of change and flux. At any given point you may have what would be considered eddies, if you have the analogy of whirlpools in water. There can be unlimited swirls in the etheric body." The swirls are analogous to an eddy of water in the shape of a vortex which has angular frequency or spin.

Perhaps some etheric swirls are tuned to receive the 13.6 THz energy radiated by the red blood cells.