A construction in the night sky over Reading, England

William C. Treurniet, June, 2014

Summary. A sequence of night-time photographs of the sky taken in May, 2013, show a structure that changed shape and colour over a 20 second interval. A previous report provided strong circumstantial evidence of a covert technology that can be used to draw 3D patterns in the sky. This object may be another example of that capability. It appears to be formed of smaller elements and is partly the colour of a nitrogen plasma.

A structure in the sky near Reading, England, was observed by Claire O'Regan just after midnight on the morning of May 16, 2013. A sequence of four photographs were taken with an iPhone camera. Figure 1 shows the object cropped from the photographs. The time of each photograph, as given in the EXIF information, is indicated above each image. The three images on the left were taken with a digital zoom ratio of 4.8, while the image on the right was taken with no zoom. The latter is shown here enlarged by a factor of 4.8 in order to show the correct size relative to the others. The flash was not used, and the exposure time for each image was 1/15 sec.

00:40:59 00:41:06 00:41:06 00:41:19
Figure 1. Successive images show a labile structure in the night sky. 

A previous article entitled, "Is covert technology used to create balls of light in the sky?", found persuasive evidence that that was likely the case. The rapid movements of single orbs caught on video near Reading were analogous to the movement on a distant wall of a spot of light from a laser pointer. This suggested that orbs high in the sky can now be generated and controlled remotely by a generator on the ground. A number of 3D objects in photographs published by others appear to be constructed of pixels made of such orbs. A good example is the white object in Figure 6 which shows obvious spherical elements on its surface.

The sequence shown in Figure 1 spanned an interval of 20 seconds, and we can see that the shape and colour of the object varied over that brief interval. The object has a bumpy, mottled surface that suggests it too is constructed of smaller individual elements packed closely together. The reddish colour was seen before in a sequence of night-time photographs taken in 2010 of a red "fireball" over Reading. That event was documented here. One photo of that sequence showed that the red object consisted of two or three closely connected orbs. The red colour is consistent with a nitrogen plasma which emits light in the red-yellow part of the spectrum.

The object may indicate the existence of an ongoing research project to generate and control plasma objects in the sky.  It is further evidence that secret technology for creating plasma balls remotely has been developed.