Orb structures over Reading and London, England

William C. Treurniet, November, 2011

Summary. Two 2011 videos show multiple plasma orbs in close proximity over Reading and London, England. These orbs are similar to lone orbs observed previously which were thought to be controlled by an apparatus on the ground. The British Ministry of Defence proposed more than a decade ago to create plasma balls in the sky, so the groups of orbs in the videos may be the result of military research. According to the MoD, visual structures formed by multiple luminous plasma balls would have a number of uses, such as acting as energy absorbers and as decoy targets.

Two earlier videos, discussed here and here, strongly suggested that some orbs seen in the sky are man-made and probably painted in the sky as balls of plasma using an apparatus on the ground. The following discusses two additional videos in which orbs behave in ways that are consistent with this idea. These sightings were recorded over Reading and London, England.

The Reading video

The video in Figure 1 was taken by Claire O'Regan around 1:00 PM on September 15, 2011, near Reading, England. It shows several anomalous balls of light moving independently but near each other. Each ball is similar to the single orb displayed in the two previous videos. The video, which was taken in roughly the same location as the earlier two videos, appears to show at least two attempts by the presumed operator of the apparatus to manipulate the positions of multiple orbs.

Figure 1. Video over Reading, England - September 15, 2011

The first attempt is seen near the beginning of the video in the top-left corner. Here a group of orbs are joined by another. Figure 2 shows this sequence in the series of slightly enhanced cropped frames. Initially there are three orbs in a triangular pattern. This is followed by a fourth orb bouncing around a little before it settles in as the fourth member of the group. In the last frame, the orbs are organized in a square pattern.

Figure 2. Successive video frames showing the aggregation of orbs. 

A second display of multiple orbs starts near 00:32 at the top of the video image just to the right of the first display. The sequence of enhanced frames is shown in Figure 3. In this sequence, a group of orbs organized in a linear pattern enters the image. The members of the group separate slightly over two frames to show individual orbs. These then separate further into a triangular pattern and finally merge into a single orb.

Figure 3. Successive video frames showing relative movement of orbs. 

The London video

A YouTube video uploaded on April 3, 2011, was taken by a vacationer in London. It also shows multiple orbs in the sky which move around to form a larger structure that changes shape over time.

Figure 4. Video over London, England - posted April 3, 2011

A voice in the video suggests that the object has the appearance of a parachute, but it clearly does not descend as a parachute should. Figure 5 shows some cropped and slightly enhanced frames with this shape. From a distance, the structure appears to be a unitary, somewhat flexible, curved object. However, on closer inspection the curves are seen to be strings of discrete, round beads of light.

Figure 5. Video frames showing a parachute-like structure. 

Other frames show the individual beads more clearly as the spacing between them increases. Figure 6 shows several examples.

Figure 6. Video frames showing multiple dicrete orbs. 


The orbs seen in these videos are similar to the lone orbs studied earlier, and are perhaps part of a research effort to create complex visual structures in the sky. A likely candidate for this research is the British Ministry of Defence (MoD). The MoD asserted, in a document about unidentified aerial phenomena written in 2000, that creating balls of plasma in the atmosphere would have military applications including creation of decoy targets. The ability to arrange multiple orbs in stable patterns would be a step in this direction. The Reading video shows several orbs positioned to form linear, triangular and square patterns. The London video shows a more ambitious effort in which an apparently solid object was created by placing several orbs in close proximity. The object was seen by at least one person as a parachute.

The MoD report recognized that many luminous objects in the sky were unexplained. Since then, however, a human capability to create similar objects appears to have been developed. As a result, we need to learn to discriminate between plasma orbs that are now man-made and those earlier unexplained orbs that may still appear now and then.