UFO video from North Tryon, PEI

William C. Treurniet, December, 2007

Summary. A video was taken in December, 2007, of an unusual object in the sky near Prince Edward Island, Canada. Analysis of several video frames shows a silhouette much like a modern delta wing aircraft such as the B2 stealth bomber. The aircraft appears to be spewing material which takes an overall conical shape. Also observed in the vicinity are toroidal shapes thought to be signatures of an unconventional power source (see Treurniet, 2007a). A plausible explanation of the anomaly is that it was caused by a serious malfunction of a delta wing aircraft.

Mr. and Mrs. Quigley of North Tryon, Prince Edward Island, observed a strange phenomenon in the sky and recorded a video of the event. Newspaper articles (e.g., Globe & Mail, Dec. 31, 2007) reported that meteorologists at Environment Canada had no explanation for the observed formation. The weather conditions at the time were inconsistent with those normally present with water spouts or tornados. Several frames posted below in Figure 1 were extracted from the video for further study. The details in each image were enhanced with the Photoshop equalization plugin available from Mehdi. The following discusses each enhanced frame in sequence.

Frame 1 (00:08): This frame is the initial view from a distance. The object appears as a dark blob that reaches tenuously upward to terminate in a torus.

Frame 2 (00:45): This frame shows that the tenuous region has grown and filled in to form a dark conical structure. There is a hint of a slightly lighter object above the cone.

Frame 3 (00:50): This frame shows a torus-shaped structure between the opening of the cone and the lighter object above it.

Frame 4 (00:56): This frame shows more of the object's shape. It appears very much like the silhouette of a modern delta wing aircraft. The shape could be due to a fortuitous arrangement of JPEG artifacts, but it is so similar to the silhouette of the B2 stealth bomber that it is unlikely to be an artifact. See Figure 2 below where the silhouette is outlined beside pictures of the B2 aircraft.

Frame 5 (00:57): This frame again shows the triangular shape of the presumed aircraft. It also shows a connection between the aircraft and the top of the conical object, suggesting that the cone is made from material emitted by the aircraft.

Figure 1. Extracted frames from the video
Num  Original  Enhanced 

Figure 2 shows the enhanced Image 4 of Figure 1 with the shape of the delta wing aircraft outlined in black. Below it are photographs of the B2 stealth bomber. The silhouette of the B2 bomber is strikingly similar to that of the unknown object.

Figure 2. Outlined object from Image 4

Although some people may question the reality of the toroidal objects seen in some frames, the tori are not that unusual (see Treurniet, 2007a). In Image 1, Figure 1, there is a dark spot on the torus above the blob. The position of this spot on the ring is approximately where photographed UFOs are typically found. I suggest that the dark spot is the aircraft identified in Image 4. Images 3 and 4 show that the aircraft is still near, or in contact with, the rings of several faint tori. This configuration implies that the aircraft may be propelled by an unconventional power source.


Analysis of the video frames suggests that the anomaly was caused by a malfunction of a delta wing aircraft. The silhouette of the craft is similar to that of the B2 stealth bomber. Further, the presence of the tori in this video suggests that the aircraft had an unconventional method of propulsion.