Pyramidal UFO over Zagreb, Croatia

William C. Treurniet, June, 2014

Blossom Goodchild is a medium who channels entities from an extraterrestrial group known as the Federation of Light. On May 16, 2014, she sent a message to her subscribers that included two photographs sent to her by someone in Zagreb, Croatia. Both photos were heavily contaminated by lens flares. Nevertheless, there seemed also to be a dark geometrical object in the sky behind the lens flares. It was clearest in the following photo, so only it is discussed here.

The photographer included this message with the photo (edited slightly).

"The photo was taken in the center of Zagreb, Croatia, Europe, late afternoon/early evening on most likely the 14th of April, with a storm coming in. The problem with the exact date is that I opened the photo a couple of days later and then realized that the clouds were not alone in the sky. The only intervention in the original photo was that I adjusted the contrast for the whole photo. Also, I returned back to the location trying to figure out whether there were some light interferences that would form something like this within the lens tube, but could not locate anything to my knowledge. And of course, I had not seen anything except clouds during the shooting."

It seems that the photographer was intrigued mainly by the lens flares, since he went out of his way to look for a light source that might have caused them. The colour of the flares suggests that their source were the lamps overhanging the street.

Blossom asked the Federation of Light entity about the photo, and the following dialog ensued.

Blossom: Our Croatian translator sent me in a rather intriguing photo that he had taken. When he 'snapped it' he was merely taking a photo of the evening bustle in the street. To his surprise, something appeared in the actual photo and I was wondering if you could tell us what it is?

Entity: Regarding the photograph that you speak of. We would consider this to be the 'tail end' of one of 'our vessels'. Cloaking was the order of the day ... and yet due to atmospherics in weather conditions ... this part of it, became more visible to the eye.

Blossom: Yet ... not seen when the photo was taken.

Entity: This is quite common for 'unseen' elements to be picked up this way. The human eye does not have the capability sometimes to 'visualize' that which is in front of it. ...

Our vehicles can be where we wish them to be in a blink of an eye. No matter what the size. This one that is protruding its tail ... is far from large ... in terms of our 'Traveling Ports.'

... this second 'capture' of 'what is' can be clearly seen ... if one cares to 'look into' ... as that which we would call a port/hole!

When a ship in your world sails into land ... it is known as 'coming into port'. Pretty much the same for us. The difference being, that in order to get to our destination in that 'blink of an eye' ... we travel through a hole ... to arrive at the next port that we are 'tuned into'. Therefore ... porthole!

This 'avenue' of transfer does not remain in that particular place permanently ( We are aware of your thoughts.) It is 'created' at the time ... A 'hole' for the convenience of the 'whole'.

With respect ... there are many on your planet that are not 'grown up' enough to use such technology. We mean this, in the sense of giving a toddler a chain saw. Much damage could occur ... put in the wrong hands!

We would say ... that the more enlightened the Being is ... the more likely one is to be able to 'tune into' the wonders of travel etc.

Figure 1 shows what must be the object of interest cropped from the above photo. It is partly obscured by the lens flare and some cloud material. The left panel shows the object as it is in the photo, while the right panel shows it more clearly after it was enhanced. The enhancement was done with image equalization applied to only the blue component of the image. This reduced the interference from the orange lens flares.

Figure 1. The original and enhanced representations of a pyramidal craft.

In the channeled message, a porthole was said to be in the photo along with the craft. In Figure 1, there appears to be a donut shape just above the peak of the pyramid. Perhaps this element is an effect of the porthole transport mechanism. 

We have another source of information that can shed more light on a mechanism for traveling to a destination in the 'blink of an eye'. An extraterrestrial being from the Zeta race gave a description of their spacecraft and propulsion technology. This topic is discussed in an online article and in the free online book, "A primer of the Zeta race". Briefly, a craft can move to another location by manipulating the geometry of a non-physical etheric space that has a one-to-one correspondence with physical space. The craft moves in physical space by rolling up the corresponding etheric space into a four-dimensional cylinder. Moving across the "seam" of this etheric cylinder is then equivalent to moving the distance around the circumference of the cylinder in physical space. The 4D cylinder, called a duocylinder, projects onto either of the two lower-dimensional 3-axis coordinate systems as a torus. The appearance of tori in photos of UFOs (see here) is independent confirmation of the craft propulsion technology described by the Zeta being.

The donut shape seen almost edge-on above the craft in Figure 1 could be the toroidal projection of a duocylinder. This suggests that the Federation of Light craft also use the cylinder method of travel.  The entity who spoke through Blossom confirms an existing impression that particular atmospherics in weather conditions can create an environment where a torus can be more easily seen. It is thought to be an organizing influence on any available labile matter such as the water droplets in clouds.