Links to articles on UFOs and extraterrestrial activity

by William C. Treurniet

UFO research reports

  1. Video from North Tryon, PEI
  2. A UFO over Ottawa, Canada
  3. UFO sightings over Reading, England
  4. Birth of a UFO
  5. An observed property of UAP in photographs
  6. A gallery of toroidal anomalies in UFO photographs
  7. Photograph of a camouflaged UFO
  8. More evidence that clouds camouflage UFOs
  9. UFOs in the clouds
  10. The Hutchison effect and UFOs
  11. Evidence that UFO propulsion may use artificial gravity
  12. Spirals in the sky
  13. The Norway spiral mystery
  14. An image decoded from the Rendlesham binary code
  15. UFO intercepts Russian rocket: Video analysis
  16. Pyramidal UFO over Zagreb, Croatia
  17. Higher dimensional physics associated with UFOs

Orbs and orb structures

  1. An orb photographed in Halifax Public Gardens
  2. Fast random motion of an orb over Reading, England
  3. Aircraft meets an orb over Reading, England
  4. Orb structures over Reading and London, England
  5. A fireball over Reading, England
  6. A construction in the night sky over Reading, England

Extraterrestrial contact and artifacts

  1. Are these Google Earth anomalies extraterrestrial artifacts?
  2. Artifacts in photographs of a scene on Mars
  3. Possible artifacts on asteroid YU55
  4. Trail camera images from extraterrestrial beings

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