A contribution to the Global Consciousness Project

The Global Consciousness Project (GCP) is a research activity that is open to participation by members of the internet community. The project hypothesizes that a globally distributed set of Random Event Generators (REG) responds to events that are meaningful to humans. The research attempts to prove that the relationship between "earth-shaking" events and REG behaviour is causal.

This site offers the EggAnalysis software to facilitate analysis of GCP data. Also available are interim research reports describing novel analyses of the data.

Download the EggAnalysis software.

Research Reports

Exploration of the Event Echo hypothesis

Observations on the time-dependence of GCP EGG behaviour

Evidence of a global influence on random physical processes

Analysis of a fractal dimension of REG behaviour

Effect of a solar eclipse on GCP EGG variance

Periodic effect of group meditation on GCP EGG behaviour

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